2011 So Far…

Posted in Fun, Racing by Ani De Leon

The first quarter of the year has passed me by quite quickly.  I sometimes feel like I am riding a high speed train from which I cannot get off.  Well things finally came to an abrupt halt, or shall I say shaky jolt, last night here in Thailand when our hotel room started to wobble. Big earthquake! As Dan and I ran out the door (him in his jocks and I in my traveling outfit, the first thing I could put my hands on) the big TV set came crashing down the floor with a booming noise but we didn’t even bother to look back as we were in a state of panic—we had to run down four flights of stairs! Luckily the fire escape was easily accessible….. (to read more, http://teamtimex.timexblogs.com/2011/03/25/2011-so-far/ )

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