Mommy-hood & Racing



It’s been a long while since I last updated this page, and how exciting to share that we have had a new addition to our family! Amaya Rosa, our lovely lovely girl, blessed us on Nov 5, 2015 with her arrival. Lots of great developments on the coaching front, including successfully defending our SEAG Women’s Gold and Silver! I have also done lots of races since Amaya was born, although this time I took my time doing anything longer than a 70.3. The wait for a full Ironman after giving birth the second time is going to be well worth the wait though- in 5 weeks I will be representing my country again in the Ironman World Championships in Kona Hawaii and it is only my second time to qualify! God is amazing and has given me and my family so much. I am always grateful.


Since Dash was born, I have done a total of 6 Full Ironmans, several halves, and lots more shorter races.  Also, I ended up breastfeeding Dash until he was 2.5 years old. Yup, I was the one who had a hard time letting go but it had to be done, haha! Here are some of my posts, just in case you are interested to know how to train and race after giving birth:

Challenge Roth July 2014:

Ironman Melbourne March 2014:

Ironman Cairns June 2013:

Challenge Taiwan May 2013:

Timex 226 December 2012:

Ironman Australia May 2012:



Feb 14- Dash is 14.5 mos now… I am a bit torn between wanting to see him grow up and wanting him to stay my little baby! But nevertheless there is really no stopping him. He has started running around and is as active as ever. That’s our Dash!

I am Breastfeeding him still and plan to do so until he is around 1.5years old. Let’s wait and see who will have a tougher time letting go! 🙂



As of 1:25am, Nov 29 2011, I officially became a new mommy!

That was a tough 25 hours of labor! I am now in the midst of the maddening first weeks of having a newborn. Boy, nothing really prepares you for this!

Dash is a beautiful bundle of joy and we are deeply in love with him… Dan and I are learning the ropes of parenthood together. A lot of ups and downs in the first few days but we are now a happy family of three!

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