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Some Photos from our Wedding…

Don’t ask me why I’m only posting these now after all these months, but better late than never!  Just wanted to show you guys a few of our wedding pictures.  A very lovely day for us and even more so because we were able to share it with the people whom we cared for the most 🙂

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Update on 9th Gabriel’s Symphony Multi Sport Celebration in Memory of Gabriel, Sept 3 2011

Greetings to all our Gabriel’s Symphony Foundation friends and supporters!

It is with great happiness that we invite you to the 9th staging of the Gabriel’s Symphony 12Hour Multi-Sport Celebration in Memory of Gabriel.

The main thrust of the foundation is to make a difference in the lives of children with special needs. These include children with cleft lip and palate and those who are visually and hearing-impaired. We have also been helping indigent children develop their potential, such as the children of Daang Hari and Marillac Hills, some of whom have shown potential as runners and athletes. To read more about advocacies and programs, please click:

As always, we have prepared a lot of activities for everyone on Saturday, September 3 2011 at the Alabang Country Club. Some of these include:

1. One Hour Swim-a-thon
2. One Hour Run-a-thon
3. Two Hour Bike-a-thon
4. Triathlon for Adults
5. SuperTriKids Triathlon
6. Mile Run Races: Buddy Run and Walk Your Dog

All the details for the activities mentioned are on our website. We will also have demonstration games by the Younghusband Football Academy, and an Adventure Race for Daang Hari and Marillac Hills children. Timex and Alaska Milk are sharing with us their fun activity booths and puzzles for the kids as part of this.

For those who want to donate old shoes, will also have a booth there. You may also want to check out our Recycling Depot Project:

To register, please visit or email us at

We hope you can join us celebrate with Gabriel on September 3, looking forward to seeing you all there!
Gabriel’s Symphony Foundation

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My Latest Labor Of Love…with a lot of help from my Sister :)

I have been wanting to produce these bears for such a long time now and they are finally here, with the blessing of WTC/ WESG no less!

Thanks so much to my sister Sinag for helping me with the execution!

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Race Director

Ani de Leon-Brown  Contact Mobile 09154440290


Swim/ Bike/ Run Heads: Call Time 5am

 c/o Neville Manaois


Swim Course Marshals: Call Time 6am

  1. Raffy Ocampo
  2. Tony Welsh
  3. Fiona Ottiger
  4. Rizzo Tangan
  5. Anton Tangan
  6. Nadja Buenafe
  7. Chari Ongyanco
  8. Len Rojas
  9. Idel Laza

10. Marge T. Buot

11. Abe Tayag

12. Jumbo Tayag

13. Art Ifurung

14. Mac Mandap

15. Arland Macasieb


Bike Marshals Call Time 6am


16. Joey Ramirez

17. Maiqui Dayrit

18. Jon Urruts

19. Iah Isip

20. Mara Guevara

21. Mark Mostoles

22. Ryan Torres

23. Rawlin Donato

24. Alan Galang

25. Inno Naguit

26. Laurence Amor

27. Rondee Aquino


Run Marshals Call Time 6:15am


28. Carina Manansala

29. Noelle de Guzman

30.  Raff Sese

31.  Marga Baula

32. Sid Apolinario

33. Mariela Powell

34. Teddy Tong

35. Norman Arteficio

36. Vernice Songco

37. Doray Ellis

38. Mark Ellis

39. Denise Tayag

40. Marco Guzman

41. Andy Garcia


Marshals Body Marking Call Time 5am


42. Ella Pangilinan

43. Javi Ocampo

44. Marc Altura


Marshals Transition Call Time 5:30am


45. Rienzi del Rosario

46. Gelo Arellano

47. Emma Bishop

48. Bem Lim

49. Jim Lim

50. Richie Santos


Start and Finish Line Marshals Call Time 6am


51. Beatrice Hufana

52. Ronn Bryan Bundoc

53. Emmanuel Jr. Capinpin

54. Dan Brown


Counters/ Checkers Call Time 6am


55. Leon de Ocampo

56.  Leana Carmona


Aid Station Marshals Call Time 6am


57. Janice Tanada

58. Joni Lopez


Medical Support Call Time 6am 


59. Dr. Marichu Rojas


Timing Marshals:



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Alaska Ironkids Cam Sur Triathlon Race Info

HI all!  Here’s a great guide for those joining on Aug 13 2011. We are excited to give you all a great race!

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