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The Proof Is In The Pavement

It’s a Saturday and am not riding my bike.

And nope, I am not fussed.  Given the time constraints that I have, today is the day I put my foot down, lace my shoes up, and start training properly for my first marathon.  Yup, you read that right. I’ve never really done a stand-alone marathon event.  The six 42k runs which I’ve done have always been preceded by a 3.8km swim and a 180km bike. I’m not downplaying those runs at all, but I think it’s high time I give myself a chance to try and start a 42km without my old unwanted companions Backache and Energy Deficit.

I’ve always known that my first marathon event was going to be special, and this year I am finally realizing my dream with the help of my Timex family, who was generous enough to give me a slot for the famous New York Marathon on Nov 4.  Timex has been a part of the NYM for a long time now, and am happy to have their support, as well as the support of my local partners Timex PhilippinesUnilab Active Health and Adidas Philippines.

Most of my major triathlon races of the year are done with, and now I finally feel like I have the all-clear to focus on one event. When I gave birth to Dash almost 9months ago now, I set certain goals for myself:

1. To race within two months: Check, Timex Run, Jan 22 2012.

2. To race a Half Ironman within the first quarter: Check, Aviva Singapore 70.3 March 18 2012.

3. To race an Ironman within the first 6mos: Check, Ironman Australia Port Macquarie May 6 2012.

4. To race New York Marathon with a decent runner’s time, 3.5weeks before Dash turns a year old.

5. To race Timex 226, our local Iron distance triathlon, to mark the weekend of Dash’s 1st birthday!

Looking at the calendar, I have 10weeks to prepare for no.4 and 14 weeks to prepare for no.5. At this point though, a run focus is what the heart and soul is asking for, and THANK GOD the body is healthy and injury-free.

If I were to be brutally honest to myself, I just haven’t done the work this year to merit being called a marathon runner. I have too much respect for the distance. When I was training for Ironman Australia, the longest run I did was 22k. Granted, I only had a very small window of opportunity to do this as during the peak week of training for that race Dash was only 4mos old. So I am not beating myself up over that! But I told my husband Dan that I wanted to stop using Dash as an excuse after 6months–the “I just gave birth” card was just getting old. Maybe not for anyone else but for myself it was.

So I am calling on my inner Pam Reed as I will need that persevering spirit to help me last in the longest of my long runs.  I am also calling on the Lady of Fortitude, the Lady of  Endurance and the Lady of Multi Tasking Moms. Why we don’t have icons in their images beats me. I would also like to honor the original marathoner, Pheidippides (and pray that I don’t suffer his fate!).

To my fellow would-be marathon inductees, happy running and see you at the finish line…the proof is in the pavement.


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How I gained weight and found myself on the cover of Runner’s World Magazine….

Sometime late January this year, I got a call from Runner’s World Editor-In-Chief Marie Calica. She asked if I could drop by their office and studio for a feature. I said, “sure!” without thinking too much about it. So come early Feb I went to the Summit Studio with Dashy in tow, and lo and behold: I was informed then and there that I would be their Cover Feature.

Marie and Angel Constantino told me they did not want me to feel pressured which was why they didn’t tell me sooner. My baby was just two and a half months old then so I was still not back to my normal weight. Far from it. I took it in stride but deep down I was thinking, “Err….COVER? Right Now? Are you serious ???” Please don’t get me wrong, I didn’t have an issue with the extra weight I had, and I was on the way to getting back into shape, in my own time. But as a lifelong athlete, I loved this magazine, so forgive me for wanting to look good in it!

Thank goodness the camera and styling crew were real pros, and Adidas had supplied me recently with loose-fitting outfits! This is the one time I had hoped they would “photoshop” any unflattering bits. The actual cover shoot was quite funny, which found yours truly inhaling sharply and deeply on several (okay, maybe like 50) occasions just to get my tummy to look flat. Not only that, they did not tell me this but I think it took them some time to configure which top and bottom would have the most coverage. Haha 🙂

I had to wait a couple of months just like everybody else to see how the photos came out. I was resigned to the fact that I had just graced the cover of one of the most iconic sports magazines not looking my best.  When I finally saw it I had to send the Runner’s World crew a thank you message saying thanks for editing it so that I didn’t look that bad (read: fat)! According to them, I was mistaken because they didn’t even need to edit the photos that much. Well, I’ll never know if they were just saying that to be nice.  But here it is, plus the featured article inside.

In hindsight, I am impressed that they chose to go with a subject who was not necessarily skinny. Runners do come in all shapes and sizes, and I am happy to represent in whatever manner  (see blog:

 Thanks for entrusting me to be on the newsstands, Runner’s World Philippines 🙂 It’s a real honor!


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Presenting my 2012 Ride: The Quintana Roo CDO.1

I just realized I never had the chance to post a picture of my sweet new bike on my website… well here it is! I am a happy owner of the Team Timex Issue Quintana Roo CDO.1. It came with a PRO bar, Shimano Cycling components and Challenge tires as well! We are going to cover lots and lots of miles with this baby 🙂

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Race Report: Ironman Australia 2012

I was always going to do Ironman Australia. My sister Sinag did it twice in the early 2000s, and during one of her races I was able to watch the first Ironman of Chris Mc Cormack in Forster. This place was special to me, its athletes always inspired me to work harder, and I gained a lot of my triathlon knowledge under the tutelage of Australian coaches (what do you know, I ended up marrying one, funnily enough 🙂 )

So when I was around two months pregnant last year, I coerced my friends to register for the 2012 staging of the Ironman in Port Macquarie.  It would be David, Tyrone and Belle’s first ever attempt at the distance and I knew they were more than ready. As for Dan and I, we made a quick computation, and our baby would be 5months and 1week old (which he was, as I gave birth exactly on my due date!) and would be due for a visit with Dan’s family in Sydney anyway.

Fast forward to May 6, 2012. Everything I had visualized the year before was about to take place! We had just spent a lovely week in Sydney and Nelson Bay and now we were up at 4am for the race start.

Was I seriously going to do this? I asked myself once again as I breastfed my baby one last time before the gun went off at 6:45am.  I was wearing my wetsuit halfway and was holding Dash who looked so cuddly wrapped in a warm cover. I was amazingly relaxed too…since I had such a small window to start training properly for an event of this magnitude, I had decided long ago to treat it as a very long training day. No time pressure, no worries. My bike computer had even conked out a few days before and it didn’t even worry me one bit!

Fifteen minutes before the start I kissed my baby goodbye and handed him to Dan’s parents and sister Anna. The only reason I was able to race at all in Australia was because I trusted them to take care of Dash during race day. We were so lucky to have their full support!

My swim training leading up to the race was virtually nil so I was happy enough with my swim time 0f 1:11. I had organized for my electronic breast pump to be at T1 and T2, and also bought two small portable ones for carrying in my pocket throughout the bike and run. I decided to skip pumping at T1 and do so later. I was still on a high from having a decent enough swim!

My bike was very ordinary as expected with my combined lack of fitness and the hilly terrain of Port Mac, Bonny Hills, and Laurieton. Yes, I confess to dismounting and walking my bike on Matthew Flinders Drive. But I had to preserve my legs for the 42k!

I got into T2 and I DEFINITELY needed to express my milk then. I used up about 20min doing that. The volunteers in the Female Changing Tent told me, “wow, you are really an Ironwoman!” and did their best to accommodate my strange request.

Australian spectators are the best in the world. The marathon was a big unknown for me as my longest run during training had only been 22km! But the cheerers on the road were amazing–I never heard so many different variations of “Keep Going” in my life! Some examples: You’re a legend mate! Good on ya! You’re doing so well!

By a twist of fate and good fortune, I ended up running 2 and a quarter of my four laps with David, and our shared energy helped us run better. We walked all the aid stations but I made sure we were disciplined enough to start running again every time we did. It was getting harder and harder every lap but I just stayed positive. When he went into the finish chute I still had 1 lap to go. I missed him immediately but I took advantage of my alone time and expressed some milk again for a few short minutes this time. I was good to go and as I started my last lap I knew I was home free.  Not even tripping and falling flat on my knees dampened my spirits. I would see my baby soon! I missed him so much from not being with him the whole day.

It was a painful day but as I ran on the red carpet and looked up at the finish time, I saw that I went under the arch at 13:36:22. Not bad. I had another teary-eyed finish line photo, even though I was trying really hard not to cry. Every race is very special to me in a different way. This one was hard, because it was my first Ironman so soon after giving birth. But I made it and I am so thankful for that.

My husband, his family, my friends, and baby Dash were all waiting for me at the finish line. There were hugs all around.

It had been more than two years since my last Ironman and I had almost forgotten how great it feels.  I love this sport and am glad that it loves me back 🙂


Special thanks to family, friends, and sponsors. The Sarabias, de Leons, the Rules, and the Browns. Jenny and Ian from Lake Cathie. My athletes and training partners Belle, David and Tyrone- you are all Ironmen!!! My husband Dan and baby Dash, who keep me going every single day.

Unilab Active Health, Pico de Loro, Hamilo Coast, Timex, Adidas, Quintana Roo, Shimano, Rudy Project, Challenge Tires, Fitness First, Pinay In Action, Gatorade.

Thank you to my fellow mom athletes who taught me how to manage nursing and training at the same time, and who always inspire me! Pia Cayetano, Maricel Pangilinan, and my sister Sinag.


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Check out this Adidas WE ALL RUN video!

Uploaded by  on Mar 20, 2012

We all have a different reason to run. Watch David Beckham, Lionel Messi, Derrick Rose and Katy Perry go all in on their run. Whatever the reason, wherever you are, go farther and enjoy every stride.

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XTerra Putik Pare Race: Fun in the Mud

The Xterra Putik Pare Event held yesterday in Nuvali, Sta Rosa Laguna was something I had been looking forward to watching all year as I joined the race last year and had heaps of fun…dirty fun, as the name connotes, but good fun nonetheless. Participants of Putik Pare basically have to come in pairs- one does a bike+run, while the other does a run+bike, all off-road, after which they run to the finish together.

Pia and Belle, my girlfriends who came fresh from their XTerra World Champs Maui experience were joining the race and I thought it would be cool to cheer for them in the mud pit- a trademark of the Putik Pare race.

My husband Dan whom I found out does not really have a clue about mountain biking (sorry baby, just an observation) decided to join at the last minute too after deplaning from his Taiwan 70.3 just a week before.  Good thing Neil Catiil from the RP Tri Team agreed to be his teammate, and thanks to the loaner Elsworth MTB from Tyrone Regaliza and sponsored entry from TIMEX they were all set!

On race morning I donned one of my remaining stretchy Adidas Climacool shirts which still fit my bulging belly so I was prepared to support/ heckle all the racers. I thought it was very nice to go to an event wherein triathletes are not so pressured about their performance/ PRs…just out to have a good time with buddies!

I was happy to see Polo Tri teens Marc Altura and Javi Ocampo, whom I have seen blossom into the formidable athletes they are now from coaching them in the SuperTriKids and IronKids squads, looking game and raring to get down and dirty for something different than their normal sprint distance races.

I ended up spectating with good friends Alex Bok of  TBB, David Almendral and Ton Gatmaitan of Gatorade.  They had also decided to set up shop by the mud pit and cheer for friends. The mud pit design this year was more watery than that of last year–but longer.  It was a good place to watch as this was the last leg they had to do before heading to the finish line.

One by one the pairs came in, and it was interesting to see how they maneuvered the brown waters–marching, trudging, sloshing–some even swam, using different strokes at that. I conclude that backstroke is most effective as demonstrated by Noel Salvador!

The eventual overall winners for the 3 categories were:

Congratulations to XTerra Phil/ Sunrise Events Inc led by Fred Uytengsu, Guy Concepcion, Princess Galura, and the Technical Crew of Neville Manaois and Jeremy Go for a very well organized race.  Hope I can get my feet dirty again for next year’s event!

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Adidas King Of The Road 2011: 5km at 35weeks!

I did it! I had decided a couple of months back that even though I would be due to  give birth in a month, I will still show my support for my favorite run event of the year- the Adidas King Of the Road 2011, which happens to be the culminating event for 5 KOTR events across Asia.  I convinced JM Pilares of Adidas and my husband that I can still do the 5k race even if I have to walk the whole way.

Well, that was the plan anyway. My reasoning was that, I know for a fact that a big chunk of the field always walks, so I thought, “why can’t I do the same thing?”

So Sunday morning of the 23rd, 2:00 am to be exact, Dan and I woke up and took a long drive from Subic to Global City in Taguig since he participated in the Bike United races on Friday and Saturday. I was more chipper than he was, as his legs were smashed from doing three bike races in two days!  He was a real trouper though, as he managed to get us to the start line way ahead of time.  Our race packets were organized for us by JM and Vima at the Adidas Information Tent and shortly after, Dan ran off in the 16.8km race. I waited a few more minutes for the 5km wave. I positioned myself on the far right so I would not get squished, as I was really only planning to walk.

When the gun went off, I found myself moving forward at what seemed like a run–yes, it probably looked more like a waddle, but at 35weeks of pregnancy that was a run for me. I laughed at myself because I just threw my walking plan out the window once the race started- it was the competitor in me I guess.  I eventually settled into a routine of something like a 5min waddle/run and 2min walk. It worked out well, and I crossed the line in 42min and 5seconds.  I was just gunning for a sub-hour walk! Haha. I had loads of fun, and soon after I met up with Dan and our friends Melvin and Saffry who came all they way from Singapore.

Great race, good organization: Kudos to Adidas and Runrio!!!


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Quick Pic of the Day number 2: Alaska IronKids Family Run at Mall Of Asia

Had a blast at the IronKids Family Run in Mall Of Asia! For more pictures and race results you can check out


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PAVIC Run Clinic for the Blind

A couple of weeks ago I gave a run clinic for some blind kids and teenagers competing in the National Paralympics.  It was my first time to do such a thing and the best way to describe it would be: eye opening.  The clinic was organized by PAVIC, which stands for Parents of Visibly Impaired Children, and Pinay In Action.

I learned so much more from them than I was able to impart I think, but it was a good way of sharing. I would love to go back and work with them some more in the future!

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Featured Athlete on SWIMBIKERUN.PH

Check this out guys!

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 4.30.23 PM

Thanks Carlos de Guzman and!

Athlete: Coach Ani de Leon

By: Carlos de Guzman

Pictures from: Ani’s Blog

For its debut edition, ( is honored to have Ms. Ani de Leon as its first In[FOCUS] athlete. One can’t think of a better fit. The first Filipina IRONMAN World Championship qualifier. Talking to for the first time, for its first In[FOCUS] release.

Last October 29, 2010, Ani, for the ‘nth time has once again brought honor to our country, topping the age group category in the Ironman 70.3 Race Series in Kenting, Taiwan. talks and gets the low down on what’s happening with Ms. Ani de Leon. What keeps her ticking and what motivates her.

Read on below for the interview. You’re the first ever In[FOCUS] athlete. =) Anything you wanna say to our readers?
I’m truly honored to be the first featured athlete…Triathlon has come a long way in the Philippines since I first started. Having venues such as this site of yours to further enhance the sport makes it even easier for everyone to communicate and be updated. Kudos to all the staff! Tell us about the win in Ironman 70.3 Kenting, Taiwan. How was the race?

Honestly I was in what you could call a “relaxed state,” physically. Emotionally and mentally I was going through a very tough time. My friend, a Taiwanese, Eric Wang graciously offered to set me up for this race, along with fellow coach Ige Lopez. It was very timely, as I needed something to make me feel good. And nothing does that for me like racing- good results or not. So when I won first female amateur I was very happy. During the race, I only realized I was leading when I entered T2 and saw that there were no other bikes yet along my row. I thought… “Oh! There’s nobody here yet… Oh!!! Shoot! That probably means I’m ahead!” Hahahaha…my bike computer conked out early on and so I just went by feel. It worked out for the best obviously. Where did that win rank in terms of your results so far?

I’ve podiumed in most of the Asian Ironman and 70.3 races which I have joined, but never first overall amateur. So it was definitely a breakthrough. It’s so ironic since I was not as prepared for this one as I was for the previous races. But I think what I learned from this is that coming into races not fully expecting anything can also be good for you. Were you already into sports when you were young? If so, which of them were you most passionate about?

I was into gymnastics and swimming when I was younger. I was quite passionate to do both! But in the end I had to choose one, and since my sister Sinag was into swimming it was the logical choice, plus since the pool was just inside the U.P. Diliman Campus it was also more convenient. In high school and early on in college all I would do after school is hang out at the pool with my teammates. My Coaches Noel and Bernie were the ones who first introduced the concept of cross-training (i.e. running!) to me, and though I detested it initially, looking back I am glad they forced me to do that! You’re the driving force behind the Ironkids program. Tell us more about it.

Well in the Philippines we have two triathlon programs for kids, namely, SuperTriKids (ASTC/ TRAP) and IronKids (WTC/ Sunrise Events). I feel so lucky to be given the opportunity to help out in both. Basically they share the same goals—to get the kids outside and be active. In this age of computers and video games, and also with the steady rise of childhood obesity, I think it is crucial to have programs like these. We create races for them throughout the year, which serve as great motivation for them to train. Where I am based, in Makati and Alabang, I coach them regularly with the help of fellow triathlete Noel Salvador. We have around three to four sessions during a typical week. We also have other coaches now who help out all over the country, and together we are building the next generation of triathletes. It’s really fun…I love my job. Do you follow any other sports?

I used to follow F1 racing when Michael Schumacher was at his peak but I don’t anymore. I follow the Tour de France when it is on. Other than that I am not such a big sports fan I think, haha. I have other interests like art and music, which I share with my family. What’s next on the calendar for Ms. Ani de Leon?

I am planning to do most of the 70.3s in the Asian region and the Ironman in China. I will be racing in SUBIT as well. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Still coaching, most likely. Hopefully I would also have my own family by then, haha. But I would still like to train and race, whether competitively or not, as this is one of the things I live for. I think I can still be competitive in my age group. How do you balance coaching, training, and personal life?

It’s tricky. I could do better with that I think. But it’s just a matter of planning and organizing. As I was trained to be an interior designer this is one of my fortes. But Life Happens…and when it does, you just go with the flow, even if you have etched your schedule in stone 12months ago, for example. What is your long term goal as a multisport athlete?

To be able to do what I love for as long as possible, which is race at a high level and be a good coach. During long training swim, bike, and run sessions. Has it ever occured to you that you asked yourself, why the hell am I doing this? =)

I will not lie; it has come up several times. It even reached a point a couple of years ago when I had to stop altogether for almost a year because I started questioning myself- my intentions, my goals, my decisions. But all I got out of that, aside from the weight gain, was a burning desire to go back. I knew then that it was an integral part of me, doing triathlons. Since then it was full steam ahead. Tell us about your sponsors Ani.

I am privileged to be representing TEAM TIMEX internationally for the first time this year so I am not taking this opportunity for granted. In fact it makes me excited just thinking about it! I have very good relationships with my long term sponsors, namely ADIDAS, RUDY PROJECT, FITNESS FIRST, TIMEX, HAMMER NUTRITION, AQUASPHERE and HED. I owe them a lot for supporting me year after year. So I try my best to make sure they get their money’s worth! Do you have or maintain a specific diet? If so, tell us about it.

I’m not going to say my diet is perfect since I could do with less sugar. I have a sweet tooth unfortunately haha. But apart from that I eat quite well. I eat good quality protein like fish and try to stay away from too much processed and fried stuff. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I know I am not eating well when I start feeling sick. If you are training a lot and you don’t eat properly that is bound to happen. So I am quite good with my diet. What else about Ani de Leon do you want the whole world to know? =)

Err…I could do a headstand for 10minutes. Does that count? Any last words or tips to those who wants to get into crazy world of triathlon?

Yes. You’re nuts! Hahaha. Seriously, at first triathletes look intimidating but we really are a great community. I love all my friends who are into triathlon, and you will make your own tri-friends too…everyone is more than willing to help out, so just tag along and you will learn a thing or two. Of course if you want to take it to the next level then hiring a coach would be the best thing you can do for yourself. Thank you for the time Ani. Appreciate it. Keep winning and keep inspiring!

Always a pleasure 🙂

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