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Presenting my 2012 Ride: The Quintana Roo CDO.1

I just realized I never had the chance to post a picture of my sweet new bike on my website… well here it is! I am a happy owner of the Team Timex Issue Quintana Roo CDO.1. It came with a PRO bar, Shimano Cycling components and Challenge tires as well! We are going to cover lots and lots of miles with this baby 🙂

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Featured Athlete on SWIMBIKERUN.PH

Check this out guys!

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 4.30.23 PM

Thanks Carlos de Guzman and!

Athlete: Coach Ani de Leon

By: Carlos de Guzman

Pictures from: Ani’s Blog

For its debut edition, ( is honored to have Ms. Ani de Leon as its first In[FOCUS] athlete. One can’t think of a better fit. The first Filipina IRONMAN World Championship qualifier. Talking to for the first time, for its first In[FOCUS] release.

Last October 29, 2010, Ani, for the ‘nth time has once again brought honor to our country, topping the age group category in the Ironman 70.3 Race Series in Kenting, Taiwan. talks and gets the low down on what’s happening with Ms. Ani de Leon. What keeps her ticking and what motivates her.

Read on below for the interview. You’re the first ever In[FOCUS] athlete. =) Anything you wanna say to our readers?
I’m truly honored to be the first featured athlete…Triathlon has come a long way in the Philippines since I first started. Having venues such as this site of yours to further enhance the sport makes it even easier for everyone to communicate and be updated. Kudos to all the staff! Tell us about the win in Ironman 70.3 Kenting, Taiwan. How was the race?

Honestly I was in what you could call a “relaxed state,” physically. Emotionally and mentally I was going through a very tough time. My friend, a Taiwanese, Eric Wang graciously offered to set me up for this race, along with fellow coach Ige Lopez. It was very timely, as I needed something to make me feel good. And nothing does that for me like racing- good results or not. So when I won first female amateur I was very happy. During the race, I only realized I was leading when I entered T2 and saw that there were no other bikes yet along my row. I thought… “Oh! There’s nobody here yet… Oh!!! Shoot! That probably means I’m ahead!” Hahahaha…my bike computer conked out early on and so I just went by feel. It worked out for the best obviously. Where did that win rank in terms of your results so far?

I’ve podiumed in most of the Asian Ironman and 70.3 races which I have joined, but never first overall amateur. So it was definitely a breakthrough. It’s so ironic since I was not as prepared for this one as I was for the previous races. But I think what I learned from this is that coming into races not fully expecting anything can also be good for you. Were you already into sports when you were young? If so, which of them were you most passionate about?

I was into gymnastics and swimming when I was younger. I was quite passionate to do both! But in the end I had to choose one, and since my sister Sinag was into swimming it was the logical choice, plus since the pool was just inside the U.P. Diliman Campus it was also more convenient. In high school and early on in college all I would do after school is hang out at the pool with my teammates. My Coaches Noel and Bernie were the ones who first introduced the concept of cross-training (i.e. running!) to me, and though I detested it initially, looking back I am glad they forced me to do that! You’re the driving force behind the Ironkids program. Tell us more about it.

Well in the Philippines we have two triathlon programs for kids, namely, SuperTriKids (ASTC/ TRAP) and IronKids (WTC/ Sunrise Events). I feel so lucky to be given the opportunity to help out in both. Basically they share the same goals—to get the kids outside and be active. In this age of computers and video games, and also with the steady rise of childhood obesity, I think it is crucial to have programs like these. We create races for them throughout the year, which serve as great motivation for them to train. Where I am based, in Makati and Alabang, I coach them regularly with the help of fellow triathlete Noel Salvador. We have around three to four sessions during a typical week. We also have other coaches now who help out all over the country, and together we are building the next generation of triathletes. It’s really fun…I love my job. Do you follow any other sports?

I used to follow F1 racing when Michael Schumacher was at his peak but I don’t anymore. I follow the Tour de France when it is on. Other than that I am not such a big sports fan I think, haha. I have other interests like art and music, which I share with my family. What’s next on the calendar for Ms. Ani de Leon?

I am planning to do most of the 70.3s in the Asian region and the Ironman in China. I will be racing in SUBIT as well. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Still coaching, most likely. Hopefully I would also have my own family by then, haha. But I would still like to train and race, whether competitively or not, as this is one of the things I live for. I think I can still be competitive in my age group. How do you balance coaching, training, and personal life?

It’s tricky. I could do better with that I think. But it’s just a matter of planning and organizing. As I was trained to be an interior designer this is one of my fortes. But Life Happens…and when it does, you just go with the flow, even if you have etched your schedule in stone 12months ago, for example. What is your long term goal as a multisport athlete?

To be able to do what I love for as long as possible, which is race at a high level and be a good coach. During long training swim, bike, and run sessions. Has it ever occured to you that you asked yourself, why the hell am I doing this? =)

I will not lie; it has come up several times. It even reached a point a couple of years ago when I had to stop altogether for almost a year because I started questioning myself- my intentions, my goals, my decisions. But all I got out of that, aside from the weight gain, was a burning desire to go back. I knew then that it was an integral part of me, doing triathlons. Since then it was full steam ahead. Tell us about your sponsors Ani.

I am privileged to be representing TEAM TIMEX internationally for the first time this year so I am not taking this opportunity for granted. In fact it makes me excited just thinking about it! I have very good relationships with my long term sponsors, namely ADIDAS, RUDY PROJECT, FITNESS FIRST, TIMEX, HAMMER NUTRITION, AQUASPHERE and HED. I owe them a lot for supporting me year after year. So I try my best to make sure they get their money’s worth! Do you have or maintain a specific diet? If so, tell us about it.

I’m not going to say my diet is perfect since I could do with less sugar. I have a sweet tooth unfortunately haha. But apart from that I eat quite well. I eat good quality protein like fish and try to stay away from too much processed and fried stuff. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I know I am not eating well when I start feeling sick. If you are training a lot and you don’t eat properly that is bound to happen. So I am quite good with my diet. What else about Ani de Leon do you want the whole world to know? =)

Err…I could do a headstand for 10minutes. Does that count? Any last words or tips to those who wants to get into crazy world of triathlon?

Yes. You’re nuts! Hahaha. Seriously, at first triathletes look intimidating but we really are a great community. I love all my friends who are into triathlon, and you will make your own tri-friends too…everyone is more than willing to help out, so just tag along and you will learn a thing or two. Of course if you want to take it to the next level then hiring a coach would be the best thing you can do for yourself. Thank you for the time Ani. Appreciate it. Keep winning and keep inspiring!

Always a pleasure 🙂

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ONE SPORT Magazine Cover and Article


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quick picture posting…

as i am in the middle of organizing/ race directing another big event tomorrow (yes guys, please visit but feel the need to fill up the gaping hole in my blog, here is a quick photo from cam sur…. more (lots!) to follow later on of course…

Timex Ironman 70.3 Philippines Official Photo

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Short Video Clip on 24Oras Pre Cam Sur 70.3

   On 24Oras:

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Javier’s Half Ironman for the Kids

this is an excerpt from my fitness first teammate javier daez’s blog:

“I would like to dedicate my first Ironman 70.3 to the SOS Children and invite you to help me raise funds to support 73 children for one year of schooling and living under the SOS program.”

read more and help him with his campaign:

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Team Woman Run

Girl Power Time!

This morning was a special one dedicated to women runners, I had such an excellent time bonding with girlfriends!  My Fitness First-South Tri teammates Belle, Mimi, and Rizzo signed up for the Team Relay and clinched the third spot, and that really made our day as we were up against an amazing bunch of women.  Adding to the fun was the fact that a lot of my fellow female triathletes joined as well, including Marichu, Mica, Trina, Nina, Tessa, Leana, Fiona, Monica, Kim, Amanda, Bea, Leica, Chesca, and many more! Some of the participants wore costumes (my teammates and I were dressed as beach bombshells) and special prizes were given to the best ones. 

Congrats Lactacyd, Princess Galura and Coach Rio for another great event!!!

Thanks Mica for the pics and of course P.R. for being our pacer and support crew!!! 🙂

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SUBIT 2010 Subic International Triathlon

I love Subic, I have so many memories here, both good and painful… it is a place special to Filipino triathletes, it has seen the sport grow so much throughout the years. Subic International Triathlon is part of the ITU Asia Cup Series and hosts the Age Group Team Championships.  Am super happy to report that my age group team, Fitness First has won the coveted crown again!  It was really fun to see all the team colors on the race course though, and at the end of the day you do end up cheering for each and everyone of your friends regardless of affiliation. What a weekend!!!

Photo Credits go to JC Manas, Doray Ellis, Redg Plopinio, Timmy de los Reyes… and if for some reason I grabbed your pic from Facebook and forgot to acknowledge it my apologies!!!

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Keeping The Faith: My Ironman China Race Report

During our 3-hour flight to China, my seatmate and I (let’s hide him under the name KQ2) compared reading material. He was reading a book entitled, “The God Delusion.”  My book of choice, on the other hand, was “The Existence of God is Self-Evident,” something which could not possibly have been more contrasting.  We had a good laugh about it, and I even tried to scan his book for a bit but I could not read it without wincing so I gladly gave it back. I took out my copy of Triathlete Magazine and we eventually found common ground–our love for the sport is indeed very strong.
Little did I know that just a few days after this, my commitment as an athlete would be brutally tested yet again.  My love affair with triathlon has had its share of ups and downs over the last ten years, but our relationship is solid. As I went into Ironman distance two years ago, it proved to be sweeter than ever. 
Until Ironman China.
This race tried to break me, and honestly, in those dark dark moments of the marathon I thought it had succeeded.  I have no idea how I finished, I only remember that it was the longest and most dreadful walk that I had to do. Heck, it was the only Ironman in which I ever recall having to walk at all.  I had suffered too much on the bike to be able to run. 
What happened??? It was a well-organized race, don’t get me wrong, and hats off to the organizers. I had also come to this race prepared as always, as my training partners can attest to. I had tapered well, rested well, eaten well–did all the things a good athlete is supposed to do.  It was a tough race, as tough as they can be, comparable to Kona itself–but I will not use this as an excuse.  When you sign up for an Ironman, you don’t expect to have it easy. If for some reason you do, then you are definitely in the wrong sport.  I showed up in Haikou fully aware of this.
So again, what happened?  As of this writing, the answer still escapes me.  It will take time to process.  What I do know is, I had a bad race.  No , I had a horrible race.  However, I also know, in a strange way, that this was good for me.
Why? It has taught me that even when I do hit rock bottom, trudging on just to survive and with all hopes of a stellar performance out the window, I could still manage to hold my head up high and raise my hands in victory as I crossed the finish line, a good 13 hours and 39minutes later– a spectacularly fantastic PW (Personal Worst 🙂 ) for me.  Yes Ironman, you have challenged me today, but my faith remains intact.
The wonderful thing is, my atheist friend KQ2 did amazingly well amidst a most formidable field of athletes from all over the world. He finished among the pros and was among the top age groupers, thus garnering him a slot for the Ironman World Championships in Kona like I knew he would.  Believer or not, I am beside myself with joy for him, and in fact will even accompany him.  After all, I am still his coach 🙂
Thank you for always Believing. Cinnabon, Adidas, Hed, Timex, Aquasphere, Hammer, Rudy Project, Cobb Cycling, Zoot.  My dearest family and friends, you know who you are, thank you.  Pinay In Action, Fitness First, Sabak Tri, South Tri, Polo Tri, Xycos, the SuperTriKids and IronKids families.


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Century Tuna Run plus Phil Premiere Cycling League Time Trials

Well this is a really belated entry but nevertheless I still wanted to post some pics.

Three weeks ago I did the 21km run in the am, with my friend Arland keeping me company as he was willing to run easier as part of his taper for Ironman Langkawi.  It was an excellent run event with a lot of celebrities and friends although I had to hurry as I had to join the Philippine Premier Cycling League Time Trials in Sta Rosa on the same day!

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