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SuperTriKids Camp

SuperTriKids Camp, Ayala Alabang, May 2008¬† Jun 12, ’08 10:45 PM
for everyone
Congratulations to all the participants!!! Thanks to our supporters and friends who helped out, Sen Pia Cayetano, Rick Reyes, George Vilog, Patrick Joson, Joel Santos, Rizzo and Anton Tangan….you made it all happen ūüôā Special thanks to TRAP and Coach Rob Pickard! Photo Credits: Isa Cruz, Omi Gozon, Rizzo Tangan


NOTE: To learn more about our regular training sessions and triathlon camps, please send me an email at  Thanks!

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HAWAIIANI My Send-Off Party organized by the best friends ever!

¬† Sep 14, ’08 11:47 PM
for everyone
It was the best party I ever threw..except I didn’t organize anything which was the best part! My friends Doray, Rizzo, Joel, and Wayne did…and it was a success because of their amazing efforts. So many people and different triathlon clubs attended the event, and I am so humbled by the show of support from all sides. I have such a long list of people to thank, and let me start with:

1. Fitness First Triathlon Team and Fitness First Cycling Team
2. TRAP, Pinay In Action, Tri Hard, Team Xycos, Polo Tri Team, Team David’s Salon, Tri CLARK, TBB, TriDogs, Underwater Hockey Federation, TAYO and of course my family ūüôā
3. CEEPO, HAWAIIAN AIRLINES, TOP DRAW ANIMATION, VITWATER, ADIDAS, RUDY PROJECT, Anonymous Donor (let’s call him F. :), Office of Senator Pia Cayetano, BIKE KING, DAVID’S SALON, WEBER AND SHANDWICK, Maiqui Dayrit, Tessa Valdes, Mary Rufino, Marty de Castro, Leanna Farrales, Dick Sugcang

Thanks Rey Agapay and Ria Vallesteros for a SUPER hosting job!!!
Great atmosphere in MAG.NET Cafe, and great band!

Congratulations to Joel Beloy for winning the Hawaiian Airlines Round Trip ticket to Hawaii!!!

Thanks for all who bought tickets, even though you knew you couldn’t attend! And thanks for everyone who came ūüôā




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My favorite things!


  • Adidas
  • Fitness First
  • hammer nutrition
  • pinay in action¬†¬†
  • rudy project
  • Timex
  • triathlon association of the philippines
  • Ceepo
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    Adidas Adizero

    I was born with very very very very (did i say very?) flat feet.  My feet can be a case study for something I am sure.  It is not the most attractive pair you will find on the planet.  I overpronate terribly.  I have humongous bunions because of that, among other things.  So on paper it is highly recommended that I wear stability shoes, those with more arch support and with a bit less flexible soles. I had already resigned myself to the fact that I will forever have less freedom of movement compared to other runners.  I had tried a lot of popular running shoe models but nothing seemed to be comfortable.

    Until I got my first pair of adizeroes.¬† It was love at first run, and we’ve been together ever since…5k, 10k, 21k, 42km… you name it.¬† Even though it’s generally meant for people with neutral feet I think I just really prefer to do away with all of that thick cushioning.¬† The adizeroes are thin and flat just the way I like it.¬† I’m never going back to chunky shoes.¬†

    I know one other runner who likes them as much as I do.¬† His name is Haile Gebrselassie, and if you don’t know who he is you can look him up…

    Langkawi Race Day Shots 2009 (9)

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    My Sister Sinag

    I love my sister Sinag. She helped shape who I am today. Her name¬†translates to¬†“Ray Of Light” in Filipino and that is what she is to me.¬† Among other things, I got into swimming because of her.¬† I am a triathlete because of her.¬† She is the most caring mom, loving daughter and thoughtful sister.¬†¬†She is the best ūüôā

    sinag at raya

    She was the first Subic International Triathlon Female Champion.  I was only a spectator and fan of hers then.  She did the Ironman Australia a couple of years back and was the second Filipina to do an Ironman after Vicky Amara, who did it in Ironman New Zealand.

    Her daughter Raya plays basketball for her school team.¬† At¬†14 she is taller than me (not very hard to do anyway).¬† She knows how to swim bike and run and has done¬†one triathlon and¬†one duathlon to date, but we don’t force her to join or train.¬† She is very much into her guitar playing nowadays.¬† She is also very sweet.¬† The first WTC Ironman that I did, Langkawi 2008, they made this very artsy scrap book for me to have something to¬†hold on to during the race weekend.

    I am a very very lucky sister.

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    I Like It When It’s Pink

    Since switching from a career in art and design to one in sports, I have found that the only creative outlets I have are writing and designing triathlon outfits.  In all of my Ironman Races I have worn my own pink designs.  No, pink is not a particular favorite, but I just get a kick out of the fact that most men get pissed off when a pink bike and a pink suit can either keep up with them or overtake them (now the secret is out haha).

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    Hawaiian Sketches

    Here are some sketches in Hawaii during my post-race R&R …

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