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Hello again cyclists!
Thank you very much for your warm response re this ride. We will meet at 7am in front of SMX Convention Center in SM Mall Of Asia.  Better to arrive early as jersey distribution is first come, first served. 
Take off time for COMELEC is 7:30am as Senator Pia wants to catch the 8am Mass in Intramuros.
Again, thanks for joining our ride and see you on Monday!

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c/o WAGI, Miriam College

We, members of the CEDAW Youth Network[1] strongly condemn the recent massacre in Maguindanao Province. We are outraged at the inhumane, and barbaric acts committed against innocent people, especially women, who were raped, mutilated and killed. The massacre is nothing more but a reflection of the political and gender violence that continues to dominate our society and increasingly so with the upcoming national election. This inhumane act of killing is more than just an act of cowardice; it is a total disregard to values of human rights. The perpetrator’s inability to submit themselves to a fair, gender sensitive and genuinely democratic political process is but a manifestation of their belief on the power of violence as their most effective means to perpetuate their greed for power and enjoy their domination.
We denounce the use of private armies and its continuous use in the killings; the involvement of local government officials in the orchestration of this worst brutal massacre in our contemporary times; the inability of the local police and military to protect innocent civilians; and especially our national government for its slow response to the strong call to deliver immediate and appropriate actions to this injustice.
We mourn the death of our fellow citizens, especially for the brave women who dared to challenge the male-dominated and male controlled political system. Their death reflects the continued domination of patriarchal and patrilineal interests in maintaining strict control over families and communities; and the existing struggle of women for equality, justice, and non-discrimination. While we recognize the critical role of women in society, especially in peace building and peace negotiation efforts, we strongly believe that WOMEN SHOULD NOT BE IN ANY WAY, MERE PROTECTIVE SHIELD FOR MEN MUCH MORE AS BODIES FOR VENDETTA.
We DEMAND the government to take immediate and IMPARTIAL action to bring justice to all the victims , their families and to all women who are still living in the shadows of men yet are struggling to break free and be heard. We challenge those in high positions of the government to bring back to the Filipino people the dignity of existence very much trampled by its inability to provide peace and security for every citizen.
We call all the youth, especially young women, to be vigilant to make their voices heard so that never again will they or the generations that will follow be subjugated to violence and injustice even within their own family!
We owe our murdered sisters and brothers a sense of justice that we need to pass to our next generations.

[1] CEDAW Youth Network is composed of students and young women professionals working to promote the rights of women and girls.

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Teaching Art in Marillac Hills Center for Women

I am always grateful whenever I am given the chance to share my time and knowledge to deserving individuals, as was the case this past weekend.  Senator Pia Cayetano and her trusty staff coordinated the activity and when I showed up, our 30 chosen girls had their art materials already neatly arranged in front of them.

I brought out a couple of beautiful artworks which my sister Sinag had lovingly made and showed it to them.  I told them we would do something similar and that they would be able to come up with their own masterpiece when our session was over but they looked doubtful.  It seemed that this was the first time they would try their hand at such a thing.  I smiled quietly and proceeded with the instructions.  Even the rest of  Senator Pia’s staff created their own artwork.

They say a picture paints a thousand words.  Here are several photos which I took of some of the girls’ finished products.  Enough said 🙂


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My longest swim so far… Hamilo 8k Open Water Swim Race

Last Saturday, me and my friends Betsy, Nikki, Noel, Tyrone, and David decided to get (more than) our feet wet by joining the Hamilo 358 Open Water Swim Competition. 358, by the way, stands for: 3k, 5k, and 8k…. which were the swim distance options.  Except for Noel, who had already done an 8k swim in Guimaras, Iloilo, a couple of years back, this was definitely unknown territory for us… swimmer or not. 

It was daunting to say the least, but even though we were terrified, the mere thought of venturing so far out–unprotected at that–in the ocean was also very alluring somehow.  How were we going to know we weren’t going to cramp?–we didn’t know how to answer that for sure.  How were going to eat?–various hiding places for gels.  How were we going to drink?–okay, we would be surrounded by water, no need to tell me that…but drinking water it isn’t!

It was another lesson in self-discovery for sure.  Everyone was apprehensive as we lined up on the beach, and the energy was more subdued than my normal triathlon starts…no use in sprinting in the initial stages here. It was going to be a loooooong swim.  The view was breathtaking, and Hamilo Cove is worth the drive, but I could hardly appreciate it just then. Without much ado, off we went, and I struggled to find somebody to swim with.  Lucky, lucky me–Tony seemed to be swimming the exact pace that I wanted!  I cannot thank Tony enough for being such a gentleman and my surprise saviour that day! I just didn’t want to be alone and I followed his lead half the time. 

Thousands of high elbows, dozens of small sea creature bites,  and gulps of saltwater later, we finally returned to shore.  We smiled at each other, and strangely enough I felt fresh and highly energetic.  We did it! We were now certified bad a@@, long distance, open water swimmers. 

I want to thank Guy Concepcion and his group for organizing this event.  The very reason I started doing triathlons is because I could not find anything to join as an older swimmer.  Now that problem is solved.  I cannot wait for the next one!!!

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Important update on Sen Pia’s Ride To Comelec!!

Important update on Sen Pia’s Ride To Comelec for her candidacy filing: it will be rescheduled to November 30, 2009. Meet at Mall Of Asia, 7am, distribution of jerseys, ride off by 7:30 towards COMELEC in Intramuros. Thanks again for your support!!!

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Join Senator Pia’s Ride To COMELEC!

Hi everyone!!! Sorry for the political infomercial but as you know Pia is a candidate I believe in. Senator Pia Cayetano is officially filing her candidacy for Senator on Saturday, Nov 28, 2009. Please join us for a short bike ride at 9am from Mall Of Asia to COMELEC in Intramuros to show your support. Those who want to train in MOA beforehand, please contact me It’s going to be fun! SEE YOU!!!


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Sunday Morning with Piolo and Manny at the TIMEX RUN, Sunday afternoon with family at the Global Pinoy Bazaar

One of the perks of being a Timex athlete, aside from getting really cool Timex gear, is meeting other Timex athletes!  Me and my gal pals Tessa Leana Lara and Lea were bent on having a blast for this particular run, and we did…. and we even saw other Timex athletes on the road, like Team Timex, Coach Rio, Polo Tri, and, ahem.. Piolo Pascual.  Not a bad deal eh?

To make the morning even more awesome, we watched the Manny Pacquiao-Miguel Cotto fight in the Timex tent with other runners.  It was my first time to watch a boxing match with so many other people, I didn’t realize how much fun it was!  Met new friends as well, like DJ Hilary of 88.3 and Leo, whom I always see running in Ultra but was never introduced to.  Manny outdid himself and claimed his seventh world title, and I could feel the whole tent bursting with Pinoy Pride.

After this I crossed EDSA to meet up with my family at the Global Pinoy Bazaar at the Rockwell Tent.  It was a great collection of Filipino Made products at bargain prices.  Kudos to Yabang Pinoy for putting up a splendid display!  Pinoy Pride, indeed was the order of the day. I love it!


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