Triathlon Camps

We can help you with your triathlon training! Get fit and have fun at the same time at our training camps:
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5 responses to “Triathlon Camps

  1. ega namoc

    Hi Ms Ani,

    Got your name from an office colleague. My son is 11y/o and he is into swimming. During each school days he use to swim with his school-team for at least 80laps(25m). He can also ride a bike but we didn’t try a straight 10km ride yet. Last year he ran once for 5K and finished 45mins.

    I am considering him to join ironkids at mactan on Aug 3, 2013. Do you currently train group of kids for the event? can we cacth up? Can you help us with some sort of starter info?

    Thanks a lot,

  2. Magnolia de Vera

    Hi. I am a interested to train, and I am super beginner who really want to push myself to do a multisport. I am doing running, biking and swimming for exercise not a professional athletes, but it seems that I saw some inspirational blog about this, so why not trying. I am living and working in UAE, but planning to look for a coach whose willing to train me, when I get back to the Philippines this coming year. Do you know anyone? Training camp for a beginner like me. Hope your your reply. By the way, my age seems to old to start, but my willingness to push myself is really giving me perseverance. Thanks. Hope you’ll help me.

  3. EJ

    Hi, Ani!

    I do running, but I’m not a competitive runner. I also did some swimming when I was little (I’m 20 now), and I know how to bike but, again, not a competitive one and no distance training at all. I’ve become quite a fitness enthusiast—doing Ripped in 30 and the Insanity workout. My dream is to become a triathlete someday but I just don’t know where to join some training camps and how to begin when I don’t even know every on-dit about all this. I want to do this for me. It’s my dream and a goal I would love to accomplish for myself. I would really appreciate it if you could help me out! The training camp, the fees, where to inquire. It would be so amazing. I’d love to meet you, too! 🙂

  4. Francis roque

    Good morning ms. Ani, where can i inquire about your swimming classes? Thank you very much

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