Asian O3 Distance Triathlon 2008 Race Moments

Asian O3 Distance Triathlon 2008 Race Moments  Sep 9, ’08 11:39 AM
for everyone

The race (4km swim, 120km bike, 30km run) was extreme but I found myself smiling because of the following moments:

1. Anton and Rizzo leading the sing-along at the aid station as we passed them on the run
2. Pia and her kids coming out of Pancake house at every lap to cheer
3. Joel following his prior orders from moi to hand me out my coffee in can as I came out of T2
4. Doray pushing drinks on two occasions: on the run course and at the party!!!
5. My girlfriends donning different team uniforms but still cheering equally loud for me nonetheless
6. Every time I would see Arni biking or running merrily along like she was doing a fun 10k race….
7. Wayne and Stella shouting at me midway on my run telling me Wayne won 1st in his category!!! Woohoo!!!
8. I can hardly remember all of you guys, but I know that Nix, Bong, Chari, Dick, Raffy, Chito, Dain, Angela, Ann, among others, stayed on to support our very very long race….thanks so much 🙂
9. Of course I was so so proud of my training buddies Mark, Maiqui, Peter and Patrice winning first in the Overall Team Championships!!!  Well deserved.
10. Joey Torres successfully completing another long race just two weeks after doing a 70.3 in Rhode Island.
11. Running with Amanda was special and we were both lucky to have each other for that 30k run.  And we high fived each other quietly with each guy we passed…hehe, sorry macho men!
and last but not the least…
12.  He will hate me for making this public, but I was laughing for 10minutes because on the second lap of the bike, a “friend” proudly shouted at me that he peed on himself….and you have to understand that this was after a very long discussion the day before with me telling him that this is what he should be doing and not stopping at a portalet each time. He was majorly grossed out when I told him with a straight face that this is what i have been doing at every long distance race that I had to do and told me he would do no such thing. Haha!!! Well he did and he placed very well indeed 🙂

On to the next race!!!

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