My Sister Sinag

I love my sister Sinag. She helped shape who I am today. Her name translates to “Ray Of Light” in Filipino and that is what she is to me.  Among other things, I got into swimming because of her.  I am a triathlete because of her.  She is the most caring mom, loving daughter and thoughtful sister.  She is the best 🙂

sinag at raya

She was the first Subic International Triathlon Female Champion.  I was only a spectator and fan of hers then.  She did the Ironman Australia a couple of years back and was the second Filipina to do an Ironman after Vicky Amara, who did it in Ironman New Zealand.

Her daughter Raya plays basketball for her school team.  At 14 she is taller than me (not very hard to do anyway).  She knows how to swim bike and run and has done one triathlon and one duathlon to date, but we don’t force her to join or train.  She is very much into her guitar playing nowadays.  She is also very sweet.  The first WTC Ironman that I did, Langkawi 2008, they made this very artsy scrap book for me to have something to hold on to during the race weekend.

I am a very very lucky sister.

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