Freedom, Love n Faith

In Siem Reap, Pia and I got to know this wonderful Filipino couple.  They are young and already making waves.  Loven Ramos is a graphic artist and photographer, while his wife, Faith, is in the fashion industry.  Their son’s name, of course, is Freedom. 

While we spent most of the days in the conference, we spent our evenings with them.  They are excellent company.  We went to Loven’s art gallery and Faith’s Clothing and Accessories shop, WANDERLUST. Loven  designs a bag collection among other items.  Written on the tag of the one I got is a touching story of how a young man who was in love with a woman could not afford to buy her her favorite thing, which was a Louis Vuitton bag, and that is why he just decided to make bags for her.  Aaaww…  🙂

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  1. Great story! I love stories about creative businesses and how it started!

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