My cousins who TRI

These are my first cousins Kris, Lakan, Edel and Asa from LA and New Jersey.  They recently started doing triathlons and marathons and I could not be prouder.  Never thought the bug would bite any other member of the family aside from my sister and I. My uncle Glenn even did a sprint tri this year as well!  We should plan a family Ironman in a couple years’ time…


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3 responses to “My cousins who TRI

  1. hey! just saw this now, thanks for the shouts! keep the updates coming, i like ur blog 😛

    • anikarina

      thanks cuz!!! hey there’s a chance i might go to clearwater! i took a slot but still waiting for my boss to approve 🙂 maybe i will see you if you are in nyc around that time coz i might drop by after 🙂

  2. asa

    actually googled my name and came across this post on your blog. didnt know you even had it!! hahaha, thanks for the shoutout and maaaaaybe an ironman in a couple of years. good luck at clearwater if you do it!

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