The Bull Runner

I was extremely flattered when Jaymie Pizarro, aka The Bull Runner, asked me to pose for the Jan Feb 2010 issue of her magazine. I felt a bit unworthy as the previous covers were Pia Cayetano, Drew Arellano and Tessa Valdes but how could I say no! 🙂

I gamely posed for Ben Chan and answered Marga Deona’s interview and here is the cover photo… can’t wait to see the magazine! Jaymie said it will be out by the 17th.

Thanks so much Team TBR!!!


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2 responses to “The Bull Runner

  1. Remember you said NO first? 🙂 Thanks so much for changing your mind!

    The issue will be out early next week. It’s our Beginners’ Issue. I’m so excited for you to see your awesome photos!

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