Hammer Nutrition is Geared to Redefine Athletic Nutrition in the Country

Hammer Nutrition is Geared to Redefine Athletic Nutrition in the Country

The face of sports and athletic nutrition in the country is taking a new form as Hammer Nutrition takes center stage with its revolutionary products that are perfect for the athlete who wants to bring his game to the next level.

Hammer Nutrition boasts of topnotch, natural and wholesome ingredients that most athletic drinks and supplements in the market do not have. Superior ingredients are the key in providing maximum energy for every athlete.

Hammer Nutrition products are divided into four groups that cover the different nutritional needs of an athlete for different occasions. The FUELS, led by the flagship product Hammer Gel, provide the boost of energy during the match and give the extra lift needed in the most crucial part—the end game.

For those looking for the extra edge while undergoing the most punishing workouts and gut-wrenching races, the SPECIFIC ADVANTAGE products will give you the edge you are looking for to prevent cramps, boost electrolytes and prolong endurance.

After that long and tiring day of competition, you would want to rest and recover just in time for the next match. The SUPERIOR RECOVERY products of Hammer will aide you in achieving quick and complete recovery with its antioxidant replenishments and tissue rejuvenators.

Hammer takes pride in providing every athlete’s nutritional needs, including his DAILY ESSENTIALS. Supplements that range from anti-aging, nutritional gap fillers and endurance supplements.

Some big names in the Philippine triathlon scene have started using the Hammer Nutrition products and have seen fantastic results in their performance.

Ani de Leon, 34, National Team member from 2001-2006 and first Filipina to qualify in the World Championships of triathlon -“For the races, Hammer Gel is definitely a must! It’s been a big difference since I started using the products and it has given me the edge. The energy level is really sustained.”

Peter Gonzalez, 1st Runner-up –Filipino Elite Ironman 70.3 Championships, 39, – “With hammer I use the gel during the race, and also the Recoverite and Heed. But aside from that, the Race Day Boost also helped me. I had a good race in Malaysia early this year and that’s where I started to think Hammer really works because I wasn’t training that heavily back then.”

Kim Ong, 60, runner, grandmother- “The Gels give me a lot of energy during my performance, a lot of rock solid surge of energy.”

Although Hammer Nutrition was initially made for endurance athletes, it also caters to the nutritional needs of other athletes like basketball players who are looking for the extra fuel and energy especially during the end game. In a basketball-crazy country like the Philippines, people want to see Filipino players compete toe-to-toe not only locally but internationally as well, and to keep in pace with the bigger and stronger foreign competitors, they need the right energy and extra fuel.

Badminton players and aficionados will also benefit from using Hammer products as they can experience prolonged endurance and energy, especially when the matches go the distance. Even non-athletes who just play or workout after office but are already tired because of a long day’s work can find the energy boost they are looking for in Hammer products. Hammer Nutrition indeed fills the needs those who want to take their game the extra mile.

Hammer Nutrition was founded in 1987 in the United States and has since grown and reached different parts of the world from Europe to Asia and has been used by top endurance athletes. It arrived in the Philippines last year and is quickly making ground in the athletic nutrition scene with its natural-based revolutionary ingredients. For more information on Hammer Nutrition, complete products list and store locations, visit http://www.hammernutrition.com.ph.

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