IN my early days as a beginner in triathlon, I couldn’t do a long distance race on my own and could only do one relay leg at a time.  My favorite teammates were Oona and Kaye, and we named our trio the IRONCHICKS.  We bought the same red racing outfit and painted temporary hibiscus tattoos on ourselves.  I swam, Kaye biked, and Oona ran.  It was loads of fun each time.  And we loved being an all female team who could stand up to the boys!!!!

We were at Sandra and Peter’s wedding recently and were fondly reminiscing our racing days together and seriously considered teaming up again just for fun.  Looking forward to that!!!


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2 responses to “Ironchicks

  1. Marga

    aaaww so cute! i think if i’m not ready for camsur i’ll probably make hatak a couple of girls to do relay hahaha

  2. tyrone lacerna

    i agree to that! IRONCHICKS

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