From Iron Ella.. thanks for inspiring me back!

Apologies to Ella for posting this on my blog!  But I was really touched by this. It is always a pleasure to give back especially when I am reminded by messages like these. Thanks so much Mommy Maricel for sharing 🙂


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6 responses to “From Iron Ella.. thanks for inspiring me back!

    • anikarina

      yes hurdler49, i felt that i needed to share. whatever job each of one of us may have, big or small, we need to do it well. i am still learning every day 🙂 thank you

  1. Gemma

    Hi Ani,

    I have to let you know what Ella said when we had the send off dinner for Timex teams competing at Camsur. (which you missed..sayang!).

    There was this game where two members of the team (i.e.,Tmm, Pangilinan, Runrio,WH) needed to give an identical answer to a question read by the host — in order to get a point.

    Question: Who is the sports personality that you consider as your idol/ inspiration? (question was for Ella).

    Ella’s reply: Coach Ani.

    Have a nice day!

  2. Hello Coach Ani,

    Came across this post and was also moved just by reading it. You’re not just an inspiration to kids, but to us female (newbie) runners as well.

    We are truly amazed by your successes to date. Hope to see you (again) in local events! 🙂


  3. Maricel

    just read this now-whoa! coach, you not only inspire our children but this mama here as well 🙂 glad we have been brought together in the boondocks!

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