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Gabriel’s Symphony 2012 Update


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Making Children’s Lives Better, year 9

Every September, Gabriel’s Symphony Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping children facing various challenges in life, holds a 12-Hour Multi Sport Event to raise funds for its cause (http://gabrielsymphony.com/).  As always we planned a whirlwind of activities for our participants and supporters, including a swim-a-thon, bike-a-thon, adventure race for kids, aquathlon and triathlon for kids, run races, soccer and martial arts demos, and a small expo area.

A lot of people showed up to help including The Younghusband Football Academy, Triathlon Association of the Philippines, P.A.V.I.C.Philippines, Hyundai, and local age group teams and triathletes like Arland Macasieb, Nonoy and Joyette Jopson, Maiqui Dayrit, Willy Chiongbian, and Hans Kristian Juan. Kristian biked for 12hours straight, his 5th year of doing so, and Maiqui, who does an Ironman during the event every single year, actually qualified for Kona this October and will bring the cause of Gabriel’s Symphony all the way to the World Championships!

My favorite parts of the day of course, were the kids races.  I am so proud of the participants for wanting to help their fellow children in need. (to read more, please click this link: http://teamtimex.timexblogs.com/2011/09/04/making-childrens-lives-better-year-9/ )

To view album, please click:


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Update on 9th Gabriel’s Symphony Multi Sport Celebration in Memory of Gabriel, Sept 3 2011

Greetings to all our Gabriel’s Symphony Foundation friends and supporters!

It is with great happiness that we invite you to the 9th staging of the Gabriel’s Symphony 12Hour Multi-Sport Celebration in Memory of Gabriel.

The main thrust of the foundation is to make a difference in the lives of children with special needs. These include children with cleft lip and palate and those who are visually and hearing-impaired. We have also been helping indigent children develop their potential, such as the children of Daang Hari and Marillac Hills, some of whom have shown potential as runners and athletes. To read more about advocacies and programs, please click: http://gabrielsymphony.com/?page_id=13

As always, we have prepared a lot of activities for everyone on Saturday, September 3 2011 at the Alabang Country Club. Some of these include:

1. One Hour Swim-a-thon
2. One Hour Run-a-thon
3. Two Hour Bike-a-thon
4. Triathlon for Adults
5. SuperTriKids Triathlon
6. Mile Run Races: Buddy Run and Walk Your Dog

All the details for the activities mentioned are on our website. We will also have demonstration games by the Younghusband Football Academy, and an Adventure Race for Daang Hari and Marillac Hills children. Timex and Alaska Milk are sharing with us their fun activity booths and puzzles for the kids as part of this.

For those who want to donate old shoes, swimbikerun.ph will also have a booth there. You may also want to check out our Recycling Depot Project: http://gabrielsymphony.com/?p=367

To register, please visit http://gabrielsymphony.com/ or email us at blessings@gabrielsymphony.com

We hope you can join us celebrate with Gabriel on September 3, looking forward to seeing you all there!
Gabriel’s Symphony Foundation

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Post 8th Gabriel’s Symphony Event Update: Thank You!

September 4, 2010: Thanks to its loyal supporters, another Gabriel’s Symphony has been successfully staged.  The event is an annual fundraising  for kids in need organized by Sen Pia Cayetano in memory of her late son Gabriel Cayetano Sebastian, who died in 2001 from complications of Trisomy 13, a rare congenital chromosomal condition.
It was a truly blessed and special celebration. To highlight some of the activities: Two Ironmen, Maiqui Dayrit & Andrew Arellano, and Half Ironman Willy Chiongbian, raced for children in need of operation and other medical procedures; the SuperTrikids Aquathlon and Triathlon showcased the country’s fine young triathletes; a Top Draw Animation Art Class, Sportsfest, Arnis Class, Shoe Donation from Planet Sports had our 40 Indigent Children beaming with joy; and a Sunset Run capped the day. All in all, beautiful music orchestrated by Pia Cayetano and her crew…all in the memory of her son Gabriel, who for sure was smiling down on each and every participant.
Among others, some personalities who showed up to support included boxing champ Nonito Donaire and wife Rachel, actress Bianca Gonzales, Sports Unlimited hosts Dyan Castillejo and Marc Nelson, David Charlton, Taguig Mayor Lani Cayetano, Sandra Schramm Cayetano, Ren Cayetano, cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao, Director Lino Cayetano, Coke executive and Malaya columnist JB Baylon, Carewell’s Robert Suntay, Comelec Comm. and cycling enthusiast Gregorio Larrazabal, Anton Gonzales of Planet Sports, Fitness First Phils’ Mark Ellis, Top Draw Animation’s Wayne and Stella Dearing, animator Nary Jamlig, Ultramarathoner Joy Rojas, members of various triathlon teams and elite triathletes Arland Macasieb, Alessandra Gonzales, George Vilog and Noel Salvador. Race/event coordinators- Ani De Leon, Mailet Ancheta and Coach Rick Reyes of TRAP.
Here are some video clips:

Sen Pia Cayetano leads fundraising triathlon in memory of late son on 24 Oras

8th Gabriel Symphony Event on TV 5’s Aksyon Weekend



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7th Gabriel’s Symphony 12-Hour Multi-Sport Celebration in Memory of Gabriel

We couldn’t be more grateful with the success of this year’s Gabriel’s Symphony.  Our tagline has always been “Making Children’s Lives Better.”  And we definitely achieved that with this event in more ways than one–even the adults were happy!

Our usual events went by quickly, Fun Runs, SuperTrikids Aquathlon and Triathlon, Pinay In Action All Womens Tri, Corporate and Individual Relays….  and this year we had some new additions, including the CareWell Bikes For Hope wherein we raffled off a Giant OCR Bike, an IRONMAN Distance Relay, and Demonstrations in Swimming and Table Tennis by Visually Impaired Children (they were amazing, by the way!).

Maiqui Dayrit, who is always our top individual fundraiser, raised close to P280,000.00 for doing his annual Ironman Distance Triathlon! He is a rockstar. He did it in a time of 11:33 too!!!  Well within 12hours.

Thank you so much to all the participants who supported the cause.  You have really made a huge difference in a child’s life!!! http://gabrielsymphony.com/gabriel/gabrielarticle.php?recordID=3

Thanks to Andie Lagman, Paolo Sauler, and Celda Santos for the pictures.

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Run Radio NU 107.5

RUN RADIO- This is the first show of its kind in the country and it is frontlined by none other than Jaymie Pizarro, our famous BULL RUNNER. The Pinay In Action gals trooped to Ortigas past heavy traffic one wet friday night and had a fun chat with the DJs. Marga Deona ushered Pia and I into the booth and we just went on and on about running and training, two of our favorite things. We mostly went to plug in our next event, Gabriel’s Symphony, and we are very thankful they gave us the chance to do so. More Power, Run Radio! We promise to go back before our annual Pinay In Action Run on March 2010!

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Confessions of a Triathlon Drama Queen

I wrote this in January 2008, A month before my first WTC Ironman Race in Langkawi:

Confessions of a Triathlon Drama Queen

Ani Karina S. de Leon



Preparing for an Ironman* can be a bit tricky. I remember, among many of the jampacked days that I have, one such night wherein this thought crossed my mind.  It was the last week of December.  It was almost 9:30pm and I had yet to start my designated workout for the day, which was a 2 and half hour run.  I wasn’t very happy about having to do it so late, but it was the only opportunity I had.  Ironman Malaysia, the race I had set out to do, was going to be in February, so I had to train through the holidays (not a simple feat if your social life is high on your priorities—luckily for me, it isn’t).


I had efficiently and consistently stayed away from most of the Christmas parties and reunions, but I couldn’t miss the ones my own family was celebrating.  Normally, I enjoyed prolonged gatherings with them and would even volunteer to shuttle my nieces and cousins around, but at that moment I was just agitated at having so little time to fit in anything else aside from my work and training, which I could barely put together as it was.  As I drove to the safest place I could run alone in at such a late hour, I dwelled on having to run till midnight and successfully built up a foul mood in the process.  I knew that it was nobody’s fault though, and couldn’t really get mad at anybody in particular.


Taken for Sense & Style Magazine


As I got out of the car, I saw a lone runner just finishing his own workout.  Well, somebody else trained late today, I thought, but still earlier than me!  He walked to the parking lot and we recognized each other. It was an athlete that I had trained when he just a beginner.  We chatted for a bit. He was also preparing for another Ironman race, later in the year.  I was happy that he was so excited about it.  He asked me for advice and kept marveling at the fact that I was still trying to carry out my run even though it seemed absurd to do so given the circumstances.  I secretly worried that I was setting such a bad example with my stubbornness, but it seemed to have a positive effect on him.  He continued on to praise me and said nice things, like, “you inspire us with your determination and perseverance,” and “you make us proud with your accomplishments.” 


He finally left and I set out on my route.  Amazingly, I felt very light and my disposition became sunnier in spite of the dark night sky.  My friend’s words had reminded me of how far I had gone and how blessed I had been to be given the opportunity at all to do such things.  My whole life, I had been gifted with excellent health and a fitness level which enabled me to do diverse challenges, sometimes on a whim.  I suddenly felt ashamed at having been such a drama queen.  I had nothing to complain about.


Earlier in the day, some of my teammates also did the same 2.5 hour run, but at different times and in different places.  Ige, similarly, had high aspirations and the accompanying pressures and expectations to do well, but also had a lot of work commitments. He ran in between his appointments.  Maiqui ran while his family was vacationing in an inconvenient training venue—through sand, hills, and hard terrain.  Mark had to run in the sweltering heat, and because he was Caucasian and suffered more than us Asians in these conditions, had almost given up but didn’t.  Joel, who has two lovely daughters, had to run tired as he was constantly looking over various architectural projects and seldom had enough room to recover.  Doray, who always had to juggle between a highly demanding job and her family aside from focused training, actually had the flu and hadn’t been able to run at all, but did so the next day, as soon as she could get out of bed.  I didn’t really have to look far for inspiration.  All around me were my friends, still trudging on, still completing their task without much hype and hesitation. 


All the same, I guess I will always allow myself to have a bit of drama in my life.  I was raised by my parents to be an artist anyway, and that’s my excuse.  Like most people, I listen to upbeat tunes in my iPod, but I do insert some sentimental or operatic tracks too, and wholeheartedly let Sarah Brightman’s or Maria Callas’ mournful singing take over my emotions as I bike along the rice fields and watch the sun rise.  On some occasions, I missed JJ, my old training partner who is now based in France, and wished that he were still here.  We trained for our first Ironman distance race together more than 5 years ago, when we didn’t really know what we were doing, and now that I’m racing it for the second time, it would’ve been nice for him to be there as well.  Plus he would’ve kicked ass.


My mini bouts of sappiness are not a genuine cause of concern though.  Recently, I gained even more motivation to do well in the Ironman.  Joan Cadelina, a woman I met through another multiple Ironman finisher, Geraldine Santiago, is going through her treatment for breast cancer as I write this piece and needs to generate funds because of this.  I have decided to help her in my own little way by dedicating my race to her and women just like her, and will gather pledges for their benefit through our Pinay In Action** Network.  There is no more room for whining on my end, because Joan’s sickness is as real as it can get.  Where the acting up stops, random acts of kindness begin.


I’m aware that true-to-life stories don’t always turn out to be comedies or chick flicks.  But I believe there are always heroes and heroines out there who have personal tragedies to contend with but demonstrate courage nonetheless.  And like a typical girl, I always hope that everyone will eventually have the happy ending they deserve.



*An individual long distance race covering 3.8km of swimming, 180km of cycling, and 42.2km of running.

**Visit pinayinaction.com for more info.

**Mark Ellis, one of the athletes mentioned above, is also gathering pledges from friends for Gabriel’s Symphony Foundation, which continuously supports deaf, mute and cleft-lipped children. Visit gabrielsymphony.com for more info.


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