Super Sprint Triathlon Relay Events a new trend in Asia

Asian Triathlon Championships Team Events

Team Relay Events which consist of really short distances are the exciting new addition to the upcoming Asian Triathlon Championships this weekend.  

The teams are composed of 4 members: 2 males and 2 females. Each athlete completes a 250m swim, 7km ride and 2km run one after the other. This is a new format that was introduced in the Singapore Youth Olympics last year, and was included in the  ITU Team Triathlon World Championships in Lausanne this year. 

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Our Pinoy Relay Team will consist of Nikko Huelgas, Neil Catiil, Lc Langit and Kim Mangrobang.  Tomorrow they will be racing the regular individual Standard Distance formats and on Saturday they will participate in the relays. Pray for them guys!


Team Relay Event in IronKids Nuvali October 30 2011

At Ironkids we have decided to include our own super sprint triathlon relay format as well, not just because it is trendy but also because it is a very good chance for your little ones to get into the sport. A lot of kids want to join but for one reason or another can only do one or two out of the three sports of swimming, biking, and running.  

Our Individual Events will push through as always but after all these are done we will have the Team Relay Event.  Those who have raced in the Individual Events are also welcome to jump in again and be part of a team!  


  1. Team of 3: 1 Swimmer , 1 Biker , 1 Runner (Mixed, may be male or female)
  2. Team members do 3 lots of the following:
    Swimmer swims 50m, Biker cycles 3k, Runner Runs 1k
  3. On the 3rd round the Runner goes to the finish line.
  4. All team members must be between 6-14 years old.
  5. Top 5 Teams will be awarded prizes.
  6. IronKids Relay Race will be held after the IronKids Individual Races. Participants from the Individual Races may register for the Relay Event as well.

Schedule of races: 6-8, 6am/ 9-10, 6:30am/ 11-12, 7:15am/ 13-14, 8:15am/ Team Relay, 9:30am

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