Adidas King Of The Road 2011: 5km at 35weeks!

I did it! I had decided a couple of months back that even though I would be due to  give birth in a month, I will still show my support for my favorite run event of the year- the Adidas King Of the Road 2011, which happens to be the culminating event for 5 KOTR events across Asia.  I convinced JM Pilares of Adidas and my husband that I can still do the 5k race even if I have to walk the whole way.

Well, that was the plan anyway. My reasoning was that, I know for a fact that a big chunk of the field always walks, so I thought, “why can’t I do the same thing?”

So Sunday morning of the 23rd, 2:00 am to be exact, Dan and I woke up and took a long drive from Subic to Global City in Taguig since he participated in the Bike United races on Friday and Saturday. I was more chipper than he was, as his legs were smashed from doing three bike races in two days!  He was a real trouper though, as he managed to get us to the start line way ahead of time.  Our race packets were organized for us by JM and Vima at the Adidas Information Tent and shortly after, Dan ran off in the 16.8km race. I waited a few more minutes for the 5km wave. I positioned myself on the far right so I would not get squished, as I was really only planning to walk.

When the gun went off, I found myself moving forward at what seemed like a run–yes, it probably looked more like a waddle, but at 35weeks of pregnancy that was a run for me. I laughed at myself because I just threw my walking plan out the window once the race started- it was the competitor in me I guess.  I eventually settled into a routine of something like a 5min waddle/run and 2min walk. It worked out well, and I crossed the line in 42min and 5seconds.  I was just gunning for a sub-hour walk! Haha. I had loads of fun, and soon after I met up with Dan and our friends Melvin and Saffry who came all they way from Singapore.

Great race, good organization: Kudos to Adidas and Runrio!!!


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7 responses to “Adidas King Of The Road 2011: 5km at 35weeks!

  1. odie

    galing naman ms ani!

  2. JM

    Truly an inspiration!:)

  3. CONGRATS !! Healthy mommy = healthy baby!

  4. WOW O_O! You can tell this as a bed time story to the baby! Very inspirational!

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