2012 Timex Multisport Team announced! Happy to be part of the longest running Tri Team in the world :)


2012 Timex Multisport Team

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Happy New Year everyone!
It is my pleasure to announce the 2012 Timex Multisport Team roster. Before I do, I would like to thank everyone who took interest and applied to the team. We had a record number of applications and by far the strongest field of applicants in team history.

Now, without further ado, the 2012 Timex Multisport Team:

Pro Women
Christine Anderson
Erin Kummer
Jackie Arendt
Laura Tingle
Marie Danais
Tamara Kozulina
Kelly Fillnow
Lauren Goss
Christie Sym

Pro Men
Andrew Hodges
Dave Harju
Keegan Williams
Kyle Marcotte
Mac Brown
Toby Radcliffe
Viktor Zyemtsev
Will Kelsay
Nicholas Thompson
Anton Blokhin

AG Women
Ani De Leon Brown
Cassie Maximenko
Cindi Bannink
Hannah Freeman
Juli Fiocca
Shannon Coates
Trista Francis
Wendy Mader
Susanne Davis
Meredith Dolhare
Jennifer Pinto
Melissa Brand

AG Men
AC Morgan
Barry Siff
Bo Parrish
Brian Boyle
Brian Schaning
Bruce Gennari
Chris Thomas
Daniel Brienza
Dave Orlowski
Dennis Meeker
DJ Snyder
Luis Alvarez
Mark Vermeersch
Roger Thompson
Stu Fitch
Tim Hola
Trevor Heller
Ben Greenfield
Dave Erickson

We are very excited to get the 2012 season underway. Congrats to all who were selected.
Happy training!

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