Running Dead is Alive and Kicking!!!

What a great idea- chasing people to run faster via scare tactics. Seeing how well this worked in the recently held RUNNING DEAD race at Palms Country Club, I now wonder whether I should apply this method to people I coach…hmm.

Seriously though, the race organizers, Army Navy South Tri, performed way above expectations and went all out with painstaking detail on the make-up, buffet, and overall atmosphere of the event.

For those of you still confused about the concept of the race, the general idea is this:  Racers have a belt with 5 “life flags” attached.  Zombies are lined up all over the course to try and get their life flags. Those who can finish with the fastest time plus the most number of flags left wins.

The best part about the whole thing is, the proceeds of the run race go towards helping junior triathletes.  A race after my own heart!

Let me just end this piece by giving a big round of applause to Betsy and the rest of the Army Navy South Tri Team for a job well done… It was a thrill being part of RUNNING DEAD!


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6 responses to “Running Dead is Alive and Kicking!!!

  1. Mel Abesamis

    Yes Ani, it was a series of tempo runs, sprints, sidesteps. Even my kids had muscle sores the following day. Very tiring but enjoyable at the same time. Maybe you should wear a zombie mask during our brick sessions!

  2. Fiona Molina

    Hi Coach!

    Thanks for coming! Well.. I don’t know about training… You tire us out already as it is. Haha. But I’d gladly have it because it’s exactly like basketball 😉

    See you tom 🙂

  3. lj

    Try doing a 3min sprint sudden stop with a spin move to evade a trizombie then sprint on the incline, recover on a trail run laugh at the zombies attacking at V02 max do a sprint again then do a rugby sort a spin(best effort)watch how many more flags you still have. Laugh again feel like a kid at 50 Recover and say I survived with a smile.

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