Hi there!

Thanks for dropping by! This site was created to share bits and pieces of my life with you, and the things I love best!

I consider myself an extremely blessed and lucky individual. I have access to what I love doing best, racing triathlons and coaching so many wonderful triathletes. I have a great support group starting with my husband, my family, friends, teammates and sponsors.

I love doing all of the above, but what I love best is spending quality time with my family, especially since my children, Dash and Amaya, are still very young and every moment I spend with them is precious!


Email address: coachani@gmail.com


9 responses to “Hello!

  1. jessica

    hi idol, congratulations, your very lucky, you received all the things that every woman wants, Im sure its gonna be strong and healthy baby like his parents, future ironman!!

  2. christine santos

    Hi Ani. I’m Christine, a housewife from Alabang. I am looking for a running coach to help me get into the sports. Can you give me suggestions on how to get started. Thanks and more power to you.

    • anikarina

      hi! you can run with my friend patrick joson. i would be happy to cocah you but it will take me some time as i have a newborn 🙂 patrick is based in alabang, you can contact him at patrickjoson@gmail.com 🙂 happy running!

  3. Ace Sayaman

    Hi Coach Ani,

    This is Ace (twitter @somnium_op_eyz). I’m here for the free tips (hehe)! Thanks Coach! You told me to PM you but with no luck I can’t send you a message at Twitter. So I checked your site and decided to put it all here in your reply box.

    Anyway, I started running just this year October 29 and fell in love with it agad! My first was 5K, finished it at 26mins, then my second is 10K (Dec 4) and my time is 58 minutes. I train only by myself. I search in the net for tips. Right now I’m preparing for my 16K run on Jan 8, 2012.

    What I’m doing (training) is when I run today I make sure to add at least 1KM on my run on the next day. And to hit 16K on Dec 31. Then after that I will slow down to recover. I’m also planning to put on some sand bags on my feet to improve my speed, but I don’t know if this is right.

    I hope you can help me Coach. Thanks in advance!

    Happy Holidays!

    Soon to be a Triathlete :)) ,


    • anikarina


      sounds like a plan, but here is another way you can do it:

      run 4x a week: 1x 10-12k easily with hills/ you can do your 16k run on dec 31 here
      2x 5-8k warmup, then insert some speed in the middle of the workout, then cool down
      1x 3-4k recovery

      it’s a good idea not to be so tired every time you start a run. so while your plan of adding 1k every day sounds good on paper, you have to take recovery into consideration: that is the other side of the coin in training.

      best of luck!

  4. Cherry

    Hi Ani,
    I had seen you in Tri United 2 last July 1 and am convinced now that you are an icon in the triathlon world. I would like to do a tri but my problem is I don’t know how to swim. Do you think it’s not too late for me for this kind of training? I’m turning 42 in October.

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  6. Good afternoon coach. I’m tet, interested in taking my laid back running to the next level. Would like to know if you do have running clinics or one-on-one training.

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