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Paper Jam

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

It’s been ages since I last touched a paintbrush and canvas and I knew I would not start soon on my own because I would always have my busy schedule as a convenient excuse, so when my sister Sinag asked me a few weeks ago to join her in her exhibit at Likha Diwa vegetarian restaurant in UP Diliman I deliberated about it for a minute or two and just said yes.  It’s about time, I thought.

To be honest I am just happy about the fact that I started again, no matter what the result was.  Aside from being an athlete I am an artist at heart and will always be one, and I cannot keep denying that aspect of myself.  So I am again thankful for my sister and for Likha Diwa for giving me this opportunity to renew my love for painting.  Because of this show I have now decided to create more works in the near future, and hopefully on a regular basis now.

A very special thanks to our brother Diwa for contributing his talent and time to our show by playing the hegalong.  He recently launched the Hegalong Project, an endeavour which is very dear to his heart and which makes his family proud:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wpbx8qCOqWI

P.S. The papercuts in the pictures below are the creations of my sister and the small canvases are by yours truly 🙂


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