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XTERRA Philippines Opens Registration

From the XTERRA Tribe Newsletter (December 9, 2011)
The 2012 XTERRA Philippines Championship, set for March 18 in Cebu, is open for registration – and the experience of a lifetime.
Last year’s inaugural event had the largest spectator crowd in XTERRA history with thousands lining the bike and run courses, kids running with the athletes, and high school cheerleaders in uniform waving the athletes on.
“You just got so much energy from the cheering of the community,” said women’s winner Shonny Vanlandingham. “The kids who watched the bike and run part of the race were chanting and cheering. It’s great to come to a place like the Philippines.”
New this year will by a half-distance XTERRA Lite race and 5k, 10k, and 21k trail runs to go along with the championship.
“What a place, what a day, what a race.  The province of Cebu put on one hell of a show,” said XTERRA managing director “Kahuna Dave” Nicholas said after last year’s inaugural event.
“Saturday night Cebu put on a State dinner for the competitors that was beyond spectacular.  We were met by hundreds of local dancers in costumes representing their cities, music playing, fabulous colors in a festival for the eyes.  At dinner, with gobs of local delicacies, each of the dance troupes performed skits about their cities.  It was simply fabulous.”
Getting to Cebu is easy either direct or through Manila.  The hotels and resorts are great, prices are inexpensive and it is a shoppers paradise.  The food is different and delicious, the beer is cold and tasty.  The race course is not too difficult and not too easy – the whole event is just about perfect.
Register at www.xterraphil.com.
Kick off your season in style!  You can race every weekend for 3 weeks in the Pacific.   XTERRA Guam (www.xterraguam.com) is the weekend before on March 8, and XTERRA Saipan (www.saipansports.com) is the weekend after on March 24.  All three have World Championship slots, pro prize money, and a guaranteed good time.

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