37 weeks and counting! You know your tummy is officially BIG when:

  1. You spill crumbs while eating and they don’t fall to the floor.
  2. It looks like you swallowed a giant watermelon.
  3. Your favorite piece of furniture is a Lazy Boy.
  4. You daydream about having a custom-made wagon for your tummy every so often.
  5. You feel like you have been eating the whole day yet find yourself waking up in the middle of the night to refill the bottomless pit that is your stomach (i.e. I WANT FOOD NOW).
  6. You can’t lie on your back because of the weight, only on your right or left side.
  7. You can’t sleep without a fortress of pillows to support various parts of your body.
  8. You can’t touch your toes without bending your knees.
  9. You can’t see your toes.
  10. You alternate the two pairs of stretchy pants left which fit you and wait in the wash for them so you will have something to wear.
  11. You and heartburn are constant companions.
  12. You climb up stairs and it feels like leg press repetitions in the gym.
  13. You climb up stairs using all fours (hands to pull you up on the rails as legs push up each step).
  14. All your short dresses have been magically transformed into tops.
  15. You know you can add more stuff to this list but are too hungry to concentrate… goodbye,  off to do my next lap in the kitchen!


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2 responses to “37 weeks and counting! You know your tummy is officially BIG when:

  1. Amar and Pa Rule

    Mel (Amar) says, I distinctly remember the feeling. It will be over soon, Ani ,and you will have your little Dash in your arms instead of your tummy.
    Nice picture of a tummy, said Pa. Glad it is not mine.

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