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SuperTriKids MultiSport Festival 2010

Another jampacked event at the Narra Park in Alabang yesterday!  Thanks so much everyone for supporting this event!  Congrats to TRAP with special mention to Tom Carrasco Rick Reyes Fabie David Mario Canja Coach Pedring Annalyn and the rest of our dedicated crew!!! Photos courtesy of Pet Salvador via Sarita Zafra:

Listed below are our winners….

29 PARCO, CASSANDRA F 6 STK-TRI 0:02:02.00 0:07:27.00 0:00:53.00 0:10:22.00
25 LOPEZ, ISIS F 5 STK-TRI 0:01:43.00 0:10:23.00 0:01:11.00 0:13:17.00
27 SANTOS, BENETTE F 5 STK-TRI 0:02:48.00 0:10:09.00 0:01:16.00 0:14:13.00

340 PO , GANDEN M 6 STK 0:01:57.00 0:06:39.00 0:00:45.00 0:09:21.00
322 LOSTE, RED M 6 STK-TRI 0:09:30.00 0:00:53.00 0:10:23.00
319 ANGELES, YLIJAH JOSH M 5 STK-TRI 0:02:09.00 0:07:25.00 0:01:12.00 0:10:46.00

34 ALMENDRAL, SOPHIA MARIE F 8 STK-TRI 0:01:14.00 0:08:09.00 0:01:00.00 0:10:23.00
38 ERQUIAGA, YSSELA ADIANE F 8 STK- TRI 0:01:28.00 0:08:09.00 0:00:59.00 0:10:36.00
35 ANGELES, YELENNA F 8 STK-TRI 0:01:37.00 0:08:34.00 0:00:57.00 0:11:08.00

338 VERLEE, PAOLO M 8 STK-TRI 0:01:17.00 0:07:01.00 0:00:55.00 0:09:13.00
337 PARTOZA, MARK M 8 STK-TRI 0:01:22.00 0:07:00.00 0:01:02.00 0:09:24.00
336 MORADOS, JAIME MARI M 8 STK-TRI 0:02:00.00 0:07:44.00 0:00:47.00 0:10:31.00

247 ZIBELL, ENYA F 10 STK-TRI 0:01:49.00 0:07:40.00 0:04:10.00 0:13:39.00
246 DEJURAS, JESILA MARI F 10 STK-TRI 0:03:09.00 0:06:19.00 0:04:40.00 0:14:08.00
245 ANGELES, YONNA F 10 STK-TRI 0:03:07.00 0:06:30.00 0:04:39.00 0:14:16.00

255 SAMUDIO, JUAN EMANUEL M 10 STK-TRI 0:01:41.00 0:06:27.00 0:03:47.00 0:11:55.00
252 OTTIGER, SEBASTIAN M 9 STK-TRI 0:02:21.00 0:07:00.00 0:03:45.00 0:13:06.00
253 SAMSON, EZEKIEL NOEL M 9 STK-TRI 0:02:03.00 0:08:38.00 0:04:08.00 0:14:49.00

51 FARID, AISYA FARISHA F 12 STK-TRI 0:04:03.00 0:09:41.00 0:08:54.00 0:22:38.00
45 HAVE, JASMINE F 11 STK-TRI 0:03:38.00 0:09:53.00 0:09:55.00 0:23:26.00
46 SALERA, DEXTER BEA F 11 STK-TRI 0:04:15.00 0:10:34.00 0:10:03.00 0:24:52.00

11-12 YRS MALE
391 SEDDON, HAMISH ROLDAN M 12 STK-TRI 0:03:27.00 0:07:53.00 0:08:50.00 0:20:10.00
390 FIECHTER, LUKAS M 12 STK-TRI 0:03:26.00 0:08:50.00 0:08:05.00 0:20:21.00
392 STROEM, KAI KRISTIAN M 12 STK-TRI 0:03:19.00 0:07:47.00 0:09:36.00 0:20:42.00

F42 FARID, AINA FARHANA F 14 STK-TRI 0:06:56.00 0:30:10.00 0:13:44.00 0:50:50.00
F41 SANTOS, THERESE MARIE F 13 STK-TRI 0:07:32.00 0:32:00.00 0:16:09.00 0:55:41.00
F43 SANTOS, JOSEPHINE MARIE F 14 STK-TRI 0:07:11.00 0:33:05.00 0:20:14.00 1:00:30.00

13-15 YRS MALE
134 PAGUIA, ELBERT GENE M 13 STK-TRI 0:05:15.00 0:26:09.00 0:14:22.00 0:45:46.00
143 STROEM, EIRIK M 15 STK-TRI 0:05:58.00 0:28:20.00 0:11:42.00 0:46:00.00
140 MAPA, JOSE IGNACIO M 15 STK-TRI 0:04:51.00 0:28:31.00 0:12:46.00 0:46:08.00

13 ALMARINEZ, JULIANA F 5 STK-AQUA 0:02:54.00 0:02:15.89 0:05:09.89

15 POWELL, ANGELINA F 7 STK-AQUA 0:02:39.45 0:03:59.75 0:06:39.20

14 OSIAS, JULIUS RALPH M 7 STK-AQUA 0:02:32.85 0:01:14.54 0:03:47.39

283 LUNETA, KATYANA MARIE F 9 STK AQUA 0:04:11.00 0:05:39.46 0:09:50.46
94 CRISOSTOMO, LUIGI MIGUEL F 9 STK-AQUA 0:05:03.00 0:06:30.56 0:11:33.56
281 AMADOR, DANIELLE MARIE F 9 STK AQUA 0:05:22.00 0:06:31.52 0:11:53.52

291 TURIANA, JUAN MIGUEL M 10 STK-AQUA 0:03:32.00 0:06:17.74 0:09:49.74
290 BOCALBOS, FYODOR ISAIAH M 9 STK-AQUA 0:07:48.00 0:12:47.30 0:20:35.30

55 IBE, SAMANTHA CYRINE F 12 STK AQUA 0:04:38.00 0:09:34.10 0:14:12.10
54 OLIPAS, MELANIE AIMEE F 11 STK AQUA 0:05:00.00 0:09:59.70 0:14:59.70

11-12 YRS MALE
56 PLAZA, LANCE VINCENT M 11 STK-AQUA 0:05:53.00 0:12:43.48 0:18:36.48
96 CONSTANTINO, JULIUS M 12 STK 0:05:36.00 0:13:37.28 0:19:13.28
95 SIBAYAN, TIM MARTIN M 11 STK 0:07:12.00 0:12:18.73 0:19:30.73

98 MANALO, STEPHANIE AGNES F 13 STK AQUA 0:09:39.00 0:28:50.11 0:38:29.11

13-15 YRS MALE
97 MACALALAD, EDWARD M 14 STK-AQUA 0:09:27.00 0:17:31.00 0:26:58.00
99 MENDOZA, DAVID ANTHONY M 14 STK AQUA 0:08:11.00 0:22:06.34 0:30:17.34

88 ONG, LYNN WEN F 17 ADULT-AQUA 0:30:16.00 0:12:46.90 0:43:02.90
89 SALANDANAN, CASSANDRA F 17 ADULT-AQUA 0:29:46.00 0:15:18.44 0:45:04.44
90 YAP, MA. KATRINA SOFIA F 17 ADULT-AQUA 0:29:28.00 0:16:08.00 0:45:36.00
91 SALANDANAN, CATHLENE F 18 ADULT-AQUA 0:30:10.00 0:19:01.82 0:49:11.82
92 AGUIRRE, VANESSA F 25 ADULT-AQUA 0:32:11.00 0:20:03.48 0:52:14.48

58 ANESE, DAVIDE M 16 ADULT-AQUA 0:30:59.00 0:13:51.00 0:44:50.00
184 CONCEPCION, GUY M 41 ADULT-AQUA 0:32:42.00 0:13:27.16 0:46:09.16
59 DAGUMAN, PRABHT RAINJAN M 17 ADULT-AQUA 0:31:43.00 0:16:38.18 0:48:21.18
67 PORTUGAL, ARIS BERNARD M 31 ADULT-AQUA 0:34:42.00 0:13:52.80 0:48:34.80
60 BAUTISTA, SID ANGELO M 20 ADULT-AQUA 0:33:46.00 0:14:54.21 0:48:40.21

F49 ENRIQUEZ, CHIN F 33 TRI 0:09:05.00 0:30:36.00 0:14:30.00 0:54:11.00
F48 JIMENEZ, MELANIE F 31 TRI 0:09:20.00 0:29:45.00 0:17:09.00 0:56:14.00
F55 LOPEZ, JEENA F 40 TRI 0:08:39.00 0:31:10.00 0:19:39.00 0:59:28.00
F54 CHANG, ANNE F 40 TRI 0:10:47.00 0:34:27.00 0:15:37.00 1:00:51.00
F52 BUENA, JERALDINE F 39 TRI 0:10:56.00 0:32:00.00 0:18:35.00 1:01:31.00

184 CONCEPCION, GUY M 41 TRI 0:04:41.00 0:26:40.00 0:11:12.00 0:42:33.00
146 PAGUIA, EARVIN NICO M 18 TRI 0:05:35.00 0:25:55.00 0:13:30.00 0:45:00.00
154 MANUEL, PAOLO M 29 TRI 0:07:30.00 0:35:30.00 0:45:26.00
198 SAJORDA, ERIC M 43 TRI 0:06:58.00 0:25:52.00 0:13:06.00 0:45:56.00
149 GO, JEREMY M 27 TRI 0:07:08.00 0:28:24.00 0:12:09.00 0:47:41.00

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Whirlwind Weekend Part 4: SuperKids HALLOWEEN Tri!

I rushed to Alabang to facilitate the SuperKids Squad’s annual Halloween Triathlon– it was supposed to be last weekend but because of inclement weather we had to postpone it.  I didn’t want the kid’s costumes and goodies to go to waste!  Oh, plus of course their training too 🙂

A photographer from Smile Magazine even came to take their pictures.  The kids had so much fun, the coaches had so much fun– what a great way to cap the weekend!!!

Group Pic Halloween Tri 1

Group Pic Halloween Tri 2

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Coaching, lately…

Here are more random shots of some of my athletes in training (apologies in advance if you don’t find your photo here guys)…. am always proud of each and every one of them and get rewarded 100x more because of their own race experiences as opposed to just my own!  The whole year round, somebody needs to prepare for one competition or another so I am always watching out for them 🙂 Thankfully I also have Coaches Noel Salvador, Patrick Joson, and Paolo Defensor to thank for always helping me out when I am away!


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7th Gabriel’s Symphony 12-Hour Multi-Sport Celebration in Memory of Gabriel

We couldn’t be more grateful with the success of this year’s Gabriel’s Symphony.  Our tagline has always been “Making Children’s Lives Better.”  And we definitely achieved that with this event in more ways than one–even the adults were happy!

Our usual events went by quickly, Fun Runs, SuperTrikids Aquathlon and Triathlon, Pinay In Action All Womens Tri, Corporate and Individual Relays….  and this year we had some new additions, including the CareWell Bikes For Hope wherein we raffled off a Giant OCR Bike, an IRONMAN Distance Relay, and Demonstrations in Swimming and Table Tennis by Visually Impaired Children (they were amazing, by the way!).

Maiqui Dayrit, who is always our top individual fundraiser, raised close to P280,000.00 for doing his annual Ironman Distance Triathlon! He is a rockstar. He did it in a time of 11:33 too!!!  Well within 12hours.

Thank you so much to all the participants who supported the cause.  You have really made a huge difference in a child’s life!!!

Thanks to Andie Lagman, Paolo Sauler, and Celda Santos for the pictures.

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Pinoy SuperTriKids: World Kids Tri Yokohama Race Report


Pinoy SuperTriKids participate in World Kids Triathlon and Sports Summit in Japan!
The SuperTriKids’ participation in the World Kids Sports Summit and the World Kids Triathlon in Yokohama was an invaluable and enriching experience for each and every one of them. The seven boys and six girls all came home more motivated about training for and racing in international level competitions. Akira Michiko Sam from Davao was 6th in his wave and Gabrielle Allen Santiago of Laguna was another standout among the boys, placing 7th in his category. Teri and Andie Santos from Westgrove also did well among the girls, placing 6th and 8th, respectively. Most of their teammates where also competitive enough to stay in the middle to upper end of their pack in their first-ever international outing, which included hundreds of participants from countries like the USA, Ireland, Israel, Japan, China, Korea, Singapore, etc.
Here are some quotes gathered from the kids and parents:

Santos girls: “Our ultimate objective was to give it our best shot, and I honestly believe we did.”

Larry Ocampo: “It was a life-changing experience for Javi. He had to be disciplined in training and studying prior to the trip, and while in Japan, it was great for him to befriend kids from around the world and race at a higher level. He is determined to improve and return as a faster triathlete. As a parent I am very happy to see Javi’s discipline, confidence, social skills, and determination to be better get a major boost as a result of his participation.”

Alex Sam: “Both the summit and the triathlon were good exposure for the kids not only to different issues regarding the environment and how they can help in their own small way, as well as to other kids doing the same sport which serves as a confidence builder to make them strive more for their next events. The kids are now looking forward to more events like this and are excited to compete with other nationalities in the future. Thanks to TRAP for giving the kids the opportunity to attend this event. Congrats Team Pinoy SuperTriKids.”

Mylene Mapa: “The coaches were very supportive and attentive to the needs of the team. Nacho enjoyed the camaraderie with his teammates, as well as the new friendships formed and the healthy competition with other athletes from different countries. It was a great learning experience!”

Thanks to: Senator Pia for sponsoring our use of training facilities!!! TIMEX for the watches and caps!!! Gatorade for the Drinks!!! TRAP for keeping the program going!!! IGE for the Uniforms!!! Sir Tom, Coaches Rick, Abet, Joel, Patrick, Paolo, and all the Parents who constantly support their kids to become better athletes!!!
Gabrielle Allen Santiago, Nacho Mapa, Javi Ocampo, Ralph Gonzales, Gene Paguia, Akira Michico Sam, Miguel Dizon

Joey Santos, Teri Santos, Andie Santos, Denise Faith Garcia, Tintin Manalo, Bea Salera



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Written by a SUPERTRIKID! Must-read for older athletes too!
The following is a speech written by Josephine Santos, 13 years old and Team Captain of the Philippine Delegation of 6 girls and 7 boys to the first ever World Kids Triathlon Championships in Yokohama Japan on August 23, 2009. The kids have been preparing for this historic event and are pretty excited about the race.  Read on…
Merit of Nurturing Physical and Mental Health through Sports
By: Josephine Marie M. Santos
Team Philippines
Good Morning fellow athletes! I am Josephine Marie .M. Santos , 13 years old, and captain of the Philippine team.
The Philippines , my country, is an archipelago like Japan . It is made up of 7, 107 islands—when it’s low tide. It is found in the Southeastern part of Asia right below Taiwan and east of Vietnam . The Philippines is rich in breathtaking landscapes such as the Chocolate Hills in Bohol , Mayon volcano in Bicol, and the Banaue rice terraces in Ifugao. It is blessed with beautiful beaches like the world-famous white sand Boracay beach in the South and Pagudpud in the North. Did you know that the Philippines is the 3 rd leading copper producer in the world and the 2 nd only to South Africa to gold production?
Some famous sports and games in the Philippines are basketball, badminton, and the local games. These local games like the patintero, piko (also known as hop-scotch), sekio, and sipa have been passed on from generation to generation. These games and sports are so popular in our country that you can see people playing them outside their houses, in schools and even on the streets. Take basketball for example, every community has a basketball court as a permanent fixture in their parks, plazas and even street corners! In school, local games are included in our Physical Education subject.
When I was 5 years old, my father taught me how to swim and trained me for an aquathlon. My first aquathlon race was a 100 m swim and a 500 m run. I started crying after the first 50 meters of my swim but my dad knew that physically I was capable of finishing the distance of the pool because he prepared me well that summer. He encouraged me to keep on going even if I was the only one left in the pool. I finished the swim and I started running. I started to feel good, and even overtook a bigger girl. I’m glad things turned out that way. What if he felt sorry for me, pulled me out of the water when I was crying and let me quit? Was it okay not to finish what you have started? What message would that have given me? There is a quote by John Collins, which goes: “you can quit and nobody else will care but you’ll always know” and I have learned to live by it.
Engaging in sports involves many aspects of the human being. On the physical side, as athletes, we have to keep our bodies in top shape by eating the right kinds of food and practicing self discipline in working out regularly, getting enough sleep and balancing our priorities. We build self-confidence, perseverance and discipline. It makes us goal-oriented, self-controlled, and we develop independence and assertiveness. Studies show that young people who participate in organized sports perform better in school, develop better social skills, are more team-oriented, and are generally healthier.
Engaging in sports offer opportunities for leadership, socialization and other important skills for handling success and failure. It teaches us to accept responsibility for our own behavior. When playing games, we learn how to follow rules. We understand that we need rules to keep things in order. Each person must follow the rules. Following rules mean that we respect the rights of others. We are able to compete, but we do so within a system wherein safety is considered and losers do not suffer too much. Sports also provide an outlet for releasing tension and anxiety. We are able to socialize with others more successfully.
The merit of nurturing physical and mental health through sports is that you have a positive outlook in life. You can develop a sound mind in a sound body. Having a physically and mentally healthy body can promote social well-being among young people. Everyone dreams of a better world, where there is peace on Earth and goodwill to all. Friendship breeds camaraderie, a common bond which unites people of different experiences, culture, and race.
You should have a balanced physical and mental capacity so that we never give the excuse: “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak”. Sports not only take care of the body but also the spirit. Since we, the youth are the future, healthy kids mean a healthy world.
Engaging in sports prepares us for life. Life is tough. Sports make us tougher.
Thank you.


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SuperTriKids Camp

SuperTriKids Camp, Ayala Alabang, May 2008  Jun 12, ’08 10:45 PM
for everyone
Congratulations to all the participants!!! Thanks to our supporters and friends who helped out, Sen Pia Cayetano, Rick Reyes, George Vilog, Patrick Joson, Joel Santos, Rizzo and Anton Tangan….you made it all happen 🙂 Special thanks to TRAP and Coach Rob Pickard! Photo Credits: Isa Cruz, Omi Gozon, Rizzo Tangan


NOTE: To learn more about our regular training sessions and triathlon camps, please send me an email at  Thanks!

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My favorite things!


  • Adidas
  • Fitness First
  • hammer nutrition
  • pinay in action  
  • rudy project
  • Timex
  • triathlon association of the philippines
  • Ceepo
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    Swim, Bike, Run + FUN = SuperKids!

    SuperTriKids CDO 2008 (20)Swim, Bike, Run + FUN = SuperKids!

    Looking for a cool activity for your little one?  Bored with the predictable offerings and sports clinics that are available year in and year out?  Well then, we have just the thing for you—SuperKids to the rescue!!!

    What is SuperKids?


    SuperKids is the youth development program of the Triathlon Association of the Philippines (TRAP), and endeavors to cultivate a dynamic multi-sport environment in the Philippines, appropriate for the development of growing children and adolescents, which will prepare them for life-long participation in multi-sport.  The program consists of races, training camps, lectures, demonstrations, and other training and educational activities for young multi-sport athletes, coaches, and parents.

     Where can I get more information?

    You can visit our website at

     Who can join?

    Anyone aged 15 and below with knowledge of swimming, biking, and running for triathlons, swimming and running for aquathlons, and biking and running for duathlons.  Marshals are kid-friendly and will help any beginner and provide assistance when necessary.DSC02274

     Who can I ask for help with training and prepraration?

    Coaches Ani de Leon and Rick Reyes of the TRAP junior development program.  You can email them via the website and ask for professional coaching advice.

      *The Triathlon Association of the Philippines officially launched the SuperKids Multisport Race Series last April 22, 2007 at Ayala Alabang Village in Muntinlupa City.

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