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Philippine Premier Cycling League Race 1: Macapagal

My favorite women riders and I decided to join the newly-launched Philippine Premier Cycling League, which promises to be a very exciting race series. The first set of races were Individual Time Trials and Team Time Trials.

Most of our lady teammates were not available to race on the first leg, but still Doray, Rizzo and I didn’t mind that there were only 3 of us in the team time trial! It was fun making our goal not to be last in the sea of male teams with complete sets of riders… and I think we fared quite well in that aspect. Girl power rules!

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Battle Of The Natural Athletes

Most of the triathletes from Fitness First Triathlon Team are in off-season mode.  But the fun does not stop when racing season does!  Our ever devious team committee concocted a kooky sportsfest consisting of futsal, dodgeball, and volleyball, and called it the “Battle Of the Natural Athletes.”

Red team won (ahem), followed by Blue, Green and Yellow Teams.  Maiqui dazzled us with his athletic prowess and took MVP honors…I on the other hand did a lot of spirited cheering, haha.

Thanks to RG Morales for the awesome photos!

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Sunday Morning with Piolo and Manny at the TIMEX RUN, Sunday afternoon with family at the Global Pinoy Bazaar

One of the perks of being a Timex athlete, aside from getting really cool Timex gear, is meeting other Timex athletes!  Me and my gal pals Tessa Leana Lara and Lea were bent on having a blast for this particular run, and we did…. and we even saw other Timex athletes on the road, like Team Timex, Coach Rio, Polo Tri, and, ahem.. Piolo Pascual.  Not a bad deal eh?

To make the morning even more awesome, we watched the Manny Pacquiao-Miguel Cotto fight in the Timex tent with other runners.  It was my first time to watch a boxing match with so many other people, I didn’t realize how much fun it was!  Met new friends as well, like DJ Hilary of 88.3 and Leo, whom I always see running in Ultra but was never introduced to.  Manny outdid himself and claimed his seventh world title, and I could feel the whole tent bursting with Pinoy Pride.

After this I crossed EDSA to meet up with my family at the Global Pinoy Bazaar at the Rockwell Tent.  It was a great collection of Filipino Made products at bargain prices.  Kudos to Yabang Pinoy for putting up a splendid display!  Pinoy Pride, indeed was the order of the day. I love it!


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Coaching, lately…

Here are more random shots of some of my athletes in training (apologies in advance if you don’t find your photo here guys)…. am always proud of each and every one of them and get rewarded 100x more because of their own race experiences as opposed to just my own!  The whole year round, somebody needs to prepare for one competition or another so I am always watching out for them 🙂 Thankfully I also have Coaches Noel Salvador, Patrick Joson, and Paolo Defensor to thank for always helping me out when I am away!


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7th Gabriel’s Symphony 12-Hour Multi-Sport Celebration in Memory of Gabriel

We couldn’t be more grateful with the success of this year’s Gabriel’s Symphony.  Our tagline has always been “Making Children’s Lives Better.”  And we definitely achieved that with this event in more ways than one–even the adults were happy!

Our usual events went by quickly, Fun Runs, SuperTrikids Aquathlon and Triathlon, Pinay In Action All Womens Tri, Corporate and Individual Relays….  and this year we had some new additions, including the CareWell Bikes For Hope wherein we raffled off a Giant OCR Bike, an IRONMAN Distance Relay, and Demonstrations in Swimming and Table Tennis by Visually Impaired Children (they were amazing, by the way!).

Maiqui Dayrit, who is always our top individual fundraiser, raised close to P280,000.00 for doing his annual Ironman Distance Triathlon! He is a rockstar. He did it in a time of 11:33 too!!!  Well within 12hours.

Thank you so much to all the participants who supported the cause.  You have really made a huge difference in a child’s life!!!

Thanks to Andie Lagman, Paolo Sauler, and Celda Santos for the pictures.

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Desaru Triathlon 2009

This was an “impromptu half ironman” race, if I may call it that.  We decided to join this two weeks before the event, and we were quite lucky to make it.  But sometimes the best moments are those which go unplanned.  It was quite a productive race (I guess that would mean: 1. Good Results 2. Great Company 3. Yummy food afterwards!!!), with the Ironfools all present and with Che, Nadine, Patrice and Peter joining our happy party too.

Special Thanks have to go to Daniel Sng and Irene Tan of Singapore for lending me a rear 650c wheel when mine decided to conk out.  You guys are lifesavers 🙂

Here is Pia’s blog about it:


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Freedom, Love n Faith

In Siem Reap, Pia and I got to know this wonderful Filipino couple.  They are young and already making waves.  Loven Ramos is a graphic artist and photographer, while his wife, Faith, is in the fashion industry.  Their son’s name, of course, is Freedom. 

While we spent most of the days in the conference, we spent our evenings with them.  They are excellent company.  We went to Loven’s art gallery and Faith’s Clothing and Accessories shop, WANDERLUST. Loven  designs a bag collection among other items.  Written on the tag of the one I got is a touching story of how a young man who was in love with a woman could not afford to buy her her favorite thing, which was a Louis Vuitton bag, and that is why he just decided to make bags for her.  Aaaww…  🙂

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Who are the Ironfools?  That’s Pia, Joey and I. We are fools for our sport, that’s why!  One day we were biking leisurely and we asked Joey to enumerate 40+ foolish things he had done because it was his birthday and the number of items had to match his age.  But then Pia and I decided to join his “confession session” and we all realized how foolish we truly were.  So from then on we called ourselves the Ironfools!



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Siem Reap, Cambodia 2009

Pia had a speaking engagement in Siem Reap, Cambodia for UNDP.  I was very happy to go with her.  I had never been to Cambodia before.  Siem Reap is very historic and quaint, blending old world architecture with modern cafes, restos and luxury hotels.  It is a gem, and I am keen to visit it again.

I have always wanted to see Angkor Wat.  I am so grateful that I finally had the chance to do so.  I volunteered my services to Pia so to speak!  My dad always told me that it is important for me to see it.  He was right.  It took my breath away.  It always amazes me how beautifully intricate traditional Asian Architecture is.  And in these temples this fact is magnified a thousand times. 

Loven Ramos took Pia and I to other temples to, which were equally impressive.  I love how in the Bayon, Mother Nature took over and just became an integral part of the structure.  Loven is the best guide ever, he explained so many things to us along the way.  He even pointed out to us where the exact Center Of The Universe is according to the Khmers–it was a small plain square tile.  You will see me in a lotus position on this very tile, I was trying very hard to summon all the Divinity that could be showered upon me, hehe.  I sure hope it worked!!!

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Ramon Magsaysay Awards 2009

Pia, my mom and I recently attended the Ramon Magsaysay Awards at the Cultural Center of the Philippines.  It is the Asian equivalent of the Nobel Prize and I am proud to say that the Filipinos took initiative in establishing honors to worthy individuals in our region.  The six awardees of this batch are all amazingly accomplished people in their respective fields.  I was moved by their work and their passion to contribute. You can check out .



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